Weekend of May 29th

As the month of May comes to a close and the weather teeter totters on consistently beautiful we transition into my favorite month of the year JUNE!  It is the first official month of the summer, my favorite time of the year. Though it won’t mean summer vacation for you the summer time is usually a special time of growth and exploration for young people. I for one am a fan. Here are some REALLY cool things I found to do this weekend. Enjoy.

The Ultimate Science Street Fair will be happening Sunday May 30th in Washington Square Park all day. Tour laboratories, meet astronauts, watch live science demonstrations and explore the human brain all on and around the NYU campus. This looks like an amazing event to check out. There are tons of places to each around Washington Park but be mindful that it is suppose to rain Sunday. Plan inside event is possible to avoid being out in the elements.

Saturday night you can gaze at the stars at Brooklyn Bridge Park as part of the 2015 World Science Fair Festival. You can also check out the NASA Orbit Pavilion, a massive, interactive sculpture where you can listen to sonic interpretations of the actual movements of satellites orbiting Earth, view our planet through the 3-D programs, and conduct hands-on activities with NASA scientists.

You can check out the ps10 Steam Fair in Brooklyn, a community festival celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. S.T.E.A.M. Fair will also include S.T.E.A.M. Talk and S.T.E.A.M. Music, featuring notable presenters and local musicians. Kids are $5 and adults are $10.

Essex Street Market Birthday Block Party. On Essex street between Delancy and Rivington in the Lower East Side of Manhattan there will be a day long block party to celebrate the 75th birthday of the Essex Market. DJs, live music and more importantly FOOD will be all part of the fiesta.

The New Museum is sponsoring the Ideas City StreetFest. Huge blocks of recyclable EPS geofoam will furnish the entire length of the Bowery Street from Stanton to Rivington Streets, transforming the Bowery into an extraordinary and surreal spatial experience! Come Out and Play will also present three popular games: Sesame Street Boxheads, Art Boy Sin and Climber Beta. Check it out here.

The Institute For Aesthletics’s Mayan Ball Game Tournament will mash the ancient Mesoamerican sport with New York City street basketball, pitting cultural institutions against each other to crown the 2015 Mayan Ball Game champ.

Family Electronic Fun Workshop – At the Staten Island MakerSpace  you can learn how to power and make electronic devices come alive! Learn how to build interactive computer hardware and how sensors are used to interact with your surroundings. Really great event to for kids interested in how things work.

Sunday in the Park with Clowns – A family-oriented variety show with magic slapstick, hula hooping, juggling, and comedy.

Here is how I would plan my weekend……



I would start the day out with breakfast.  Since a lot of events this weekend are in one central area I would plan to stick to one place.

ANCHOR – The New Museum’s StreetFest is the perfect event. One location; multiple things to do. I would plan to get there about 10am and aim to stay there for until about 1pm or my children got tired of seeing/doing everything. Approx 3 hrs  

TUT – Since it is 10 minutes away I would walk over to the Essex Market Birthday Block Party to get some food and listen to some music. Approx 1 – 2hrs

note: If you will be walking for a good amount of time be mindful that the kids will want to use the bathroom. There is a Starbucks on Delancy and Allen, which is along the way. Stop there for number 1 or 2.

This should leave you at about 4 or 5pm. If you live in Brooklyn you can take a long walk across the Williamsburg Bridge before heading home. If not the ride back home should induce sleep. Dinner, a warm bath and everyone should be knocked out by 8pm. Promise.

*TUT – There will also be a star gazing event at Brooklyn Bridge Park Saturday evening. If you are feeling adventurous and think you your kid(s) have the energy you can head there after the Block Party.


Due to the threat of rain I would plan for things inside as much as possible.

I would start with making breakfast and talking about the fun activities you plan to do for the rest of the day. Id plan to get to the first activity about 10:30.

TUT – I’d start the day at the NASA Orbit Pavilion at the NYU Gould Plaza. Approx 1 hrs

ANCHOR – I would check out the MakerSpace workshop. The location is 450 Front Street Unit – B (entrance on Thompson St)
New York, NY 10304 Approx 2 hrs (accessible by cab from NYU)

TUT – Since the workshop ends at 3pm I would figure out a 4pm movie time and probably plan to see TomorrowLand (younger kids) or San Andreas (older kids).

*TUT – The only reason this isn’t the main tut even is the weather report says rain. This event will be happening in Washington Square Park. If weather hold I would definitely round out the day at the Ultimate Science Street Fair.

Dinner, a warm bath, a story and lights out by 8pm. Promise.

– A Single Dad


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