Week of November 13

Thanksgiving is almost upon us which means the holiday season is fast approaching. As the weekends become colder I like to make sure I plan inside activities. Things that deal with the elements become less and less appealing. Here are a few activities I saw this weekend that looked interesting. Tomorrow at the Whitney Museum you can create you own art projects based on exhibits in the museum. Last week I mentioned that Alvin and the Chipmunks Live were at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn. Not sure if there are tickets left but definitely a cool way to spend the afternoon. This Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum is the annual Children’s book fair. I am a huge advocate for reading to and with your children so I think this is a great event. I have written about this before but this Sunday will be a cool kids dance party. The admissions is $20 and there is food and stickers and glow sticks! If you have kids older than 8 or 9 it might be pushing it for this event but 5/6/7 is the sweet spot for them to enjoy themselves. Its great music to! Having children stretches you in ways you can’t imagine. With the activities you choose to expose them to make sure you also try to expand your own boundaries. Diwali (i.e. “festival of lights”) is a Indian tradition celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Kartika in the Hindu calendar. The Metropolitan Museum of Art are conducting events in celebration;  henna designs, lantern making and a kids dance workshop!

As an alternative if you just want to stay in the house this weekend you can try this activity: cook something. If you are like me and feel like you are ill equipped to handle yourself in the kitchen, even better. I think parenting is all about self discovery so feeling your way through a meal with your son or daughter is an amazing experience. Kids LOVE to help their parents, it makes them feel like a part of your world which is bigger — in their minds — than their own.   Pick a dish you and your little one would be excited to both eat and make. You can probably grab on offline try to do something  fun and creative or if you are Caribbean American something ethnic.  Ask them which piece of food they would like to make. Once you both have decided go shopping to buy the ingredients (also an excuse to do grocery shopping for the week). (If you could buy matching aprons that would be even better but definitely not necessary). Once you get home unpack your good and start to cook! Remember that this is something to share with them. Don’t get caught up in doing it “right”, if some eggs fall on the floor or they put too much black pepper….SO WHAT. The point is doing something together. If it turns out tasting horribly you can both laugh at it then order pizza! Enjoy.

And as always here is my plan for the weekend if I were you…



Breakfast would start the day of course. Food is always a great way to share time. It can either be in the house or at a special care or restaurant in your neighborhood.

TUT– The art workshop at the Whitney Museum looks like a great morning activity. You can get there at 11 and spend a good hour and a half with the kids before heading to your main event for the day. Approx 75min.

If you would like to stay in one borough an alternative activity would be to check out the book fair at the Brooklyn Museum. While this might not last as long or be as interactive as the workshop it will definitely be a way to fill up an hour or two before the show.

TUT – Brooklyn Museum Annual Children’s Book Fair – Approx. 60-75min

ANCHOR – Alvin and the Chipmunks Live –  This is a perfect anchor event for the weekend. Doors open at 1:30 and the show starts an hour later. You have a good window to get to your seat. I would shoot for 2pm. Apprx. 90min

Fitting lunch in-between might be tough so grabbing something after the Whitney on the go might be best.  This should put you at about 4/5pm which will leave you enough time to head home. Fix dinner, give everyone a bath and put them to bed.


After breakfast I would start my day with heading to Columbus circle to check out the most expensive dollhouse in the world. If you have a little boy sorry this might not be an activity he wants to participate in. You can check it out here. I might even combine the two and have breakfast at Whole Foods then check out the dollhouse.

TUT– Check out the Asolate Dollhouse Castle. Approx 30-40mins

ANCHOR – Diwali celebration at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with henna design and lantern making this seems like the perfect Sunday activity.  Approx. 2hrs

ALTERNATIVE: Cirz Kidz. The dance party in the city is also a great anchor event but I wouldn’t try to do both. I’d just pick one. Since the MET and Columbus Circle aren’t too far from one another I would try for those two.

This should take you through the afternoon and allow you to get home in enough time to fix dinner and put everyone to bed.