A Good Time for Peanuts

So this weekend the new Charlie Brown movie comes out and so does Spectre, the new Bond movie (i.e. if you have teenagers my vote goes to Bond) which means you have choices of what to do this Saturday, sort of. While I am a huge James Bond fan I think Peanuts is a safe bet no matter what age your little one is currently dealing with: terrible 2s, 5s or 13s it should be a cute time to spend with them and waste a part of the afternoon. I am a huge advocate for using the movies as anchoring activities. I think they are easy, convenient and help you break up your day well. So the Peanuts movie is my first activity for this weekend. There is also a cool cartoon workshop for $20 at the NY historical society. The lowline lab opens this weekend as well. I mentioned this in my last activity guide. The lowline is an underground park in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. A very cool tut activity to check out! Also very cool is the canstruction exhibit at Vesey Street (right next door to the movie theatre).

Because I am a big advocate for encouraging STEM activities especially among little girls I found some coding events for this and next weekend, check them out. There will also be a special screening of Disney’s Fantasia at the Symphony Space. If you have never seen it as an adult it would be a great event for both you and your little one to discover together. If you saw it as a kid please share it and how it you felt about it to your mini me. Next Saturday Alvin and the Chipmunks will be at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, so some pre planning can help you plan ahead. There is also a puppetry workshop today and tomorrow.

And of course this is how I would plan my weekend if I were with my girls…..




Breakfast would start the day off: cereal or maybe some omelets and waffles. If you can make them from scratch then even better but most single dads I know pop a few in the toaster. To each his own..lol.

Tut – I would start the day at the puppet workshop around. Looks like a fun activity. Approx 60 to 90 min

I would then head to lunch. Since you are right near broadway and cooper union there are a ton of opens.

Anchor – Peanuts Movie. I would anchor the afternoon with the Peanuts Movie at the BATTERY PARK city regal. I would probably aim for a 2 or 3pm movie which should give you enough time to enjoy lunch and not rush. Approx. 95min

Tut – After the movies I would walk over to the canstruction exhibit which is RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Again wonder around a bit and check out the cool constructions. Approx 30-40min

I would then walk to the Barnes and Noble on Warren street to buy some Charlie Brown books. I would want to make sure I introduce my little one to the character in the same way I was when I was little. I would also probably buy some new books for bedtime.

This should put you at about 5 pm. I’d head home and fix dinner, give everyone a bath and read the books we bought before bed.


Tut – I’d start the day off by going to check out the lowline around 11pm – 12noon. It looks like really fun and interesting place to wonder around in. Approx 60min

Ether– I would take a cab ride with my kids to the Symphony Space and make sure we talked about the lowline, school or whatever silly thing come sup. Id catch lunch before the show started.

Anchor – I would start the day with the 75th anniversary of Fantasia  at 3:30pm. Apporx 125 min

This would leave me at about 6pm which would be time to head home and…you know the drill. Enjoy!