Weekend of May 1

This weekend will be a Marvel! Avengers 2: Age of Ultron opens this weekend kicking off the summer movie blockbuster season. I for one am excited and plan to catch the very first show Saturday morning with my daughters. The weather are finally starting to reflect the actual season we are in encouraging some fun weekend activities. Below are some fun things I found to do this weekend, summer is almost here, so please enjoy.

Marvels Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron. The new superhero movie opening this weekend. I am sure tickets the day of will sell out to pick some up before Friday. You can scratch off a solid 2 hours from your weekend as you enjoy some popcorn and food you sneaked in the theatre, wait…..I know I am not the only person that does that. Soda are expensive!

Festival of Colors – This happens on Saturday and it look like a lot of fun. I missed this event last year but was able to score tickets for this year’s event. You can immerse yourself in a variety of other cultures, music and food all while slapping colored powder on yourself and strangers. If you end up checking this event out I would suggest you wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

The Whitney Museum of American Art is holding a block party tomorrow afternoon on Gansevoort street in Manhattan. The Whitney is also offering FREE admission to the museum for the entire day. The block party will have booths, performances and different activities. Looks like a great way to waste an afternoon AND get some culture (which I highly encourage).

Randalls Island is having its annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Similar to the festival in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens last week. While the kite flying, crafts, games and butterfly release seem nice this event’s convenience doesn’t. Randall’s island is best accessed by car. If you aren’t driving this isn’t something I would really put on my list of things to do for the weekend. However if you do have a car this could be a fun day trip to experience the festival (I’d pack lunch, a blanket and some freebies or a soccer ball).

At the *Brooklyn Museum you can bring your little one to Arty Facts: “En Plein Air”, happening at 11am and 1:30pm. You get to explore the museum’s galleries, enjoy a team activity, and make art in each ninety-minute session. I think exposing your children to art and culture as young as possible is a great way to expand their understanding of other people and themselves. Check it out.

(Admission to the BK museum is a suggested price……I usually suggest $3….they are usually ok with that).

This Sunday in Times Square (Broadway between 46th and 47th street) is the 4th Annual Tunes in Times Square benefit concert where preselected, talented children and groups from the tri-state area will join the Magical Music singing groups taking turns singing. There will be performances by various Broadway adult and child actors. This looks like a good event for a Nickelodeon child actor sighting. Your little one might have the greatest day ever.

There will also be a huge street festival in Brooklyn this Sunday on court street between union street and west 9th.

Its Spring Family Day at the Museum of Moving Image in queens. Kids under 12 are FREE and adults are $12. A drop-in studio will feature activities related to character design, animation activities, and a large-scale game inspired by the Museum’s collection. (Digital Learning Suite, first floor) there will be family-friendly screenings throughout the day. Looks like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The Broadway Show “On the Town” is inspired from a film starring Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly. The United Palace Theatre is showing the movie followed by a free performance from the Broadway musical by cast members. I would suggest you check this out if your kids are old enough to appreciate the movie.

As always, here is my plan for the weekend….if I were going to plan it…



Id start the day out with breakfast and….well….duh! Avengers 2!!!!

ANCHOR– “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron” approx 2.5 hrs

I’d aim for a 11am or 12pm movie time. Since avengers is close to 3 hours a good chunk of your afternoon will be finished by the time you emerge from the theatre. I’d definitely grab lunch depending on where you watch the movie (I’d plan for the city somewhere).

TUT – Festival of Colors.  Sorry this just looks too fun…the opportunity to throw colored powder at your kids? LOL. I’m there! approx 2 hrs

You can swap out this tut event with the Whitney block party but the single anchor and tut should take you through to diner time. A good Saturday.


ANCHOR – I would start the day at the Brooklyn Museum Arty Facts. An interesting and quick way to engage with my children then head to the city to check out tunes in Times Square. approx 1.5 hrs


ANCHOR – Tunes in Times Square festival – Like the arts workshop at the Brooklyn Museum this is an easy event to fill up an afternoon. It is in the middle of Times Square which is an exciting area for kids to check out. approx 1.5- 2.5 hrs

TUT – Court Street festival isn’t necessary but could be a cool supplementary activity if you find yourself with some time to kill after the Brooklyn Museum and don’t feel like heading to Manhattan. Totally up to you. varies times


PS. A picnic and music in the park is always an option to!



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