Week of July 11

So I have to apologize first off. I haven’t posted an activity guide in 2 weeks. No big issues transpired other than I forgot one week and the other……well I was a little upset and couldn’t write. That’s another monster who doesn’t need to be fed with any energy from me at the moment. Hopefully the parents who read this (the seven of you) understand. If you don’t then tough. It happens. So as the first full month of summer is upon us many parents are looking for things to do with the kids during the week and the weekends.

I imagine that folks work during the week and your little son or daughter is either in camp, with a grandparent or some other scheduled activity for the day. In either case the weekend still needs some structure and hopefully I can provide that for you. Last weekend was July 4th and I hope you were able to catch some fireworks and a barbeque. I had planned to put out places that might be good for watching the fireworks but like I said last weekend I got a bit sidetracked…..

Here are some cool things I found to do this weekend.

The Afro-Latino festival of New York celebrates the contributions of people of African descent from Latin America and the Caribbean to New York and the global culture as a whole.  This event traverses three different boroughs but looks like a great way to immerse yourself and your kids in some culture. I am always a big advocate for doing things that teach your children about themselves in a larger sense. You might learn something to!

At the Brooklyn museum there are 2 really cool exhibits happening this weekend. FAILE is “a Brooklyn-based collaboration between artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller” that blurs the lines between fine art, street art, and popular culture. The Rise of Sneaker Culture explores the complex social history and cultural significance of the footwear now worn by billions of people around the world.

This Saturday at the Sony Wonder Labs there will be a workshop on nanotechnology. Explore the properties, structures and materials of this super small science.

I have mentioned them before but it’s worth mentioning again Brooklyn Boulders is a great activity to do with the kids that’s both healthy AND tiring!

This weekend is the Minions movie! A staple activity heading to a dark theatre is always a great way to kill a few hours with the little ones and sometimes with yourself.

This Saturday at the Children’s Museum of Art in Tribeca there will be an art workshop  and at Discovery Times Square a Hunger Games Exhibit. You can check out the vintage bus bash on governors island and free dance lessons near Lincoln Center.

And as always here is how I would plan the weekend with my girls if it was just me……


So of course I would start off with breakfast. I think that is the running theme of all my activity plans. It is important to break bread with people you care about. It is also important to feed your children, lol. I think food besides being functional is a great conduit for connecting with other people. Like love or tragedy it is a language we all understand.


ANCHOR – The Minons Movie. The only reason I made this an anchor was it has a specific time. The other tut events are whenever. I would want to finish breakfast at around 11 and head out to the movies. Apporx 2 hrs

Sit down and have lunch  Approx 1 hr.

TUT – I would check out both exhibits at the Brooklyn Museum. They both look really really dope and interesting. I would take my time at the museum and make sure I ask questions to my children on what they think about what they are seeing. Appox. 1.5 hrs.

This should be putting you right around 5pm? I would stop for ice cream at the Ample Hill Creamery in Brooklyn before heading home to fix dinner, draw a bath and tuck everyone in for the night!


After breakfast I would head out from the house again around 11am.

ANCHOR – Hunger Games exhibit. I would start here first. It seems cool to check out and if you get there first thing Sunday morning there will probably be no line. Approx 45min

I would hop in a cab or on the train and head down to the southstreet seaport for lunch. They have the seaport smorgasburg a great way to try interesting food outside. Approx. 1hr

TUT – At the seaport you can check out EL GALEON a replica of a 16th century Spanish ship. Tickets are $15. Approx. 1hr

TUT – I would end the day with a trip to governors island to check out the vintage buses. Approx 1.5 hr

I would find ice cream on governors island and if I had it toss a frisbee or soccer ball around. You can rearrange this and have a picnic to if you want.

By the time you are headed home everyone should be knocked out….including you!


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