Week February 6

Brrrr!!!! With all the cold weather I though I would split activities this weekend. One of the greatest superpowers children possess is their capacity for imagination. This unique ability doesn’t always travel into adulthood. The adults that do retain it — I believe — have found a way to protect and cultivate the inner child inside of them. It’s being has never been lost to grown up responsibilities and circumstance. So lets stretch our imaginations shall we?!?!? Sunday we’ll just stay in the house and do some things that require a bit of imagination [and silliness].

Here are some cool things to check out:

Movies: If you have little ones Paddington just came out about two weeks ago. The SpongeBob Move: A Sponge Out of Water also comes out today. If you plan to check either out I’d couple it with a take a trip to the book store and show my little one the book that inspired the movie. It is always great when you can connect something tangible to an experience you expose your kids to. It also encourages reading and the power of storytelling.

If you have older children (teens or preteens), Project Almanac and Jupiter Ascending might be movies you want to check out. If you have a child in high school I would recommend checking out Selma, it was a powerful and moving narrative story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr appropriate for Black History Month.

Sony Wonder Labs has a great workshop this Saturday from 11am to 1pm. Its $10 to participate:

Using motors, screws, and recycled materials you’ll learn how to assemble and power-up your very own personalized robot to take home

The Brooklyn Academy of Music has its annually kids film festival. A good amount of the shows are sold out but there are still a few shows available. The Museum of Children’s Art has a valentines day workshop this weekend as well.

There is also a free Saturday Morning show . I am not sure with snow and weather how feasible this event is. With it being so cold I wouldn’t want to stay outside with my little ones, but free is free so you make a decision.

Bounce: There are two trampoline locations you can check out: Hollywood Stunts and Trampoline Sports. Hollywood, while located near a subway line is $40 for a two-hour class. Trampoline sports is only $20 or $25 for a 90 or 120 minute session. The trade-off is its location in Long Island isn’t super convenient.

And of course if I was going to plan a weekend it might go something like…….



As always I would start  the day off with breakfast. Making breakfast is a way to bond and start the day off right.

Anchor – Sony Wonder Labs workshop. Approx. 2hrs. I’d leave the house at about 10am to make sure I got to the workshop on time. The price is affordable and it eats up a good chunk of the afternoon. You can also stay to explore the other exhibits.

Tut – I would then get lunch. You can stay in midtown Manhattan. Find a small deli and sit and eat in the Sony Building atrium or walk a block and check out the IBM building atrium. Talk about the workshop, I’d ask the girls what they liked about it.

Tut – A movie. I’d head to the Regal Cinema in battery park city. You can check the times to see what shows there are after 4pm (you want to give yourself enough time to have lunch after the workshop). So if you find a 5pm movie you can go check that out. If you decide to check out Paddington, you can walk to Barnes and Noble at 97 Warren Street and pick up a Paddington Bear book to read at bedtime.

This should leave you well close to bedtime. You can head home to fix dinner or grab something while you are out (id probably grab something). Either way after dinner and bath time everyone should be ready for bed.


So its cold out and you had a busy day yesterday. Your goal today is to get to 6pm keeping your child occupied. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! *laugh* here are some things you can try in the house.

Video Games – A good round of “Just Dance” is a wonderful way to burn off breakfast!

Board Games- Monopoly, Scrabble, Operation, Uno, Clue are all great games to play with your little one. Try to make the games you play games you also played as a child. I would explain this to my daughters and it gave the game a new dimension to them.

Music Project – A cool project you can do with your son or daughter.

Painting/Coloring – A brand new paint set or box of crayons/markers will break a smile out of almost anyone. You can make this a specific art project or print some pictures out offline and tell your son/daughter: “I want to hang this at work. Can you help me make a good decoration?”

Make a sling shot –

       Materials: Pair of scissors/box cutter. A balloon. 2 to 3 small plastic bottles. Rubber bands and some frozen peas.

       1. Cut the plastic bottles about 2-3 inches below the mouth. The finished product would look like a small funnel. Make sure

      as to not make the edges of your funnel too sharp or jagged.

       2. Fit the balloon over the small mouth of the funnel and secure it with the rubber band.

       3. Get 5 or 6 frozen peas and have target practice. BUT BE CAREFUL. Your TV, eye or window might become a causality of

        of this small project.

Little bits – these small kits allow you to put together electronic machines from smaller modules. Great activity to keep busy in the house. You can put in your zip code and find the closest retailer here.

Here are 2 videos that you can use to make pizza from scratch. Great way make a good messy memory with your kids.

Balloon Tennis – You will need a balloon, 2 paper plates, a popsicle stick, glue/stapler and a paper plate. Staple or glue the popsicle to each paper plate. Blow up the balloon…. then serve!


– A Single Dad

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