Week November 14

November 14 – 16

So I would like to give you a bit of pre planning this weekend. While I will list my normal activities for Saturday and Sunday I would also be adding a list of volunteer activities at the end of the page. The holidays are always a great time to celebrate things you are grateful for and are fortunate to have: family, friends, a job, a home. It is also a time for reflection  and to be reminded that there are many who are not as fortunate. Be encouraged  a leader in the life of your son or daughter and take them with you to volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter handing out food or conducting some type of charitable activity during the holidays. It teaches a sense of humility through action for you AND your children. Just some food for thought.

Some cool things I found to do this weekend……

360 All-Stars – This is a new show at the victory theatre with shows starting today through the end of the month. It looks pretty awesome and would appeal to both girls and boys. Run time about an hour and 15 minutes.

Movies – Big Hero 6, Book of Love and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Not Good, Very Bad Day.

Kids N Shape – a great play space for little ones. A 2 hour session is only $10.

New York Train Show – A long running tradition at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. It is an elaborate model train show traveling around iconic New York locations. A really nice show that kids should enjoy. Grand Central Station’s annual train show also opens this weekend.

SouthStreet Seaport ice rink opens this weekend. I don’t ice skate…. but you might?

Disney presents Frozen on Ice at the Barclays Center… saw some ticket that were still under $40 for this weekend. Check out ticket master.

And of course here how I’d structure my weekend…..



Anchor –  SUPER SONIC MUSIC BOX is a concert event by the New York Philharmonic. Starts a 1pm with a meet and greet of the musicians which the show starting at 2pm. Run time approx. 60 mins/120 mins with meet-n-greet.

Another possible Anchor is this show at the BMCC Performing Arts Center.

As always we’d start the day with breakfast. Since our anchor event is at Lincoln Center I’d head out no later than 11:30am to avoid traffic/train delays. I’d grab snacks before and plan to eat lunch after the event near Columbus Circle which is within walking distance.

Tut – After the event and lunch you should be hovering around 4/5 o’clock and have enough time for one event before heading home for dinner. I suggest heading to Bryant Park to check out the ice skating ring. You’ll be in Central Park area so you could also walk over to FAO Schwartz or take a carriage ride but again these might run late. Remember our goal: bedtime by 8pm. There is also the free train show at Grand Central which you can stop by on the way home.

Once you get home you make/order dinner. Give everyone a bath and maybe read a bedtime story. 8pm bedtime. Boom!


Anchor – Disney’s Frozen at the Barclay’s Center. Show time: 5pm. Runtime about 2hrs. An alternative Anchor event would be the 360 show at the new victory theatre.  Runtime 75min. A late anchor means you have most of the day to handle tut activities. Since it is starting to get cold outside riding bikes in the park probably isn’t going to work.

Tut – I would check out the Brooklyn Children’s Museum annual book fair. 12pm – 4pm

I would enjoy brunch with the girls before heading to the children’s museum. I would plan to get there between 1 and 2pm. I would plan to stay up until 4pm. At 4pm I would leave to head to the Barclay’s Center.  After the show it would be 7pm. I wouldn’t try to go home to cook. I’d just get a bite on the way home and make sure to get the kids to bed as soon as we get home.

Weekend Done.

– A Single Dad







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