Weekend May 15

So the weather is has been playing hop scotch as of late but the forecast shows it will be in the 80s tomorrow and Sunday, Like the decade I was born in. Big chance of rain Saturday though so some inside activities would probably be best. Here are some cool things I found.

Kings County Fair – as a Brooklyn native I thought “county” fairs were reserved for middle America and other places that contained small towns. But the borough of Brooklyn has its own version going on this weekend at Aviator Sports and Events Center on Flatbush Ave. Check it out.   I wouldn’t suggest this for Saturday since it might rain but might be cool for Sunday afternoon.

And AWESOME tut event is also happening this weekend The Ninth Avenue Food Festival. Looks like an awesome way to kill time, eat and kill more time with the kids.

The Big Family Quiz Thing – is a new york based “live trivia event” that has been around for a decade i never heard of it . This weekend at the Highline Ballroom they will have a trivia event that the entire framily can participate in. I bought tickets to this for me and my daughters and plan to check it out!

Family Astrology Night – As a rule I don’t encourage keeping kids out past bedtime. It breaks the consistency of your parenting and leaves you with not much “me” time. However when you have the opportunity to do something really unique and memorable then heading out after sundown is a must. On the flight deck of the Intrepid Air and Space museum on the west side highway Saturday night you can gaze at the stars local astronomers will be on hand with their high-powered telescopes to help you navigate the night sky and answer any questions about astronomy and star-gazing. You are welcome to bring their own binoculars or look through the telescopes they provide. This event is FREE. Depending on the weather tomorrow this might become my anchor!

Whitney Museum Kids Day Opening – so two weeks ago I posted about the Whitney Museums’ Block Party. I tried to attend and the crowd was TOO massive. Well this weekend should be a bit more tame. The new building and exhibits look really interesting and should be fun to check out with your little ones. The cost is $22 for your ticket and $0 for anyone under 18.

This Saturday at Brooklyn Bowl The New Mastersounds will have a day time performance for the entire family. Now this band will also play later on that evening at Brooklyn Bowl so I am not sure on the crowd. You would have to gauge it. The event is geared towards families providing them with opportunities to participate in the magic of music.  Kids will also have the opportunity to take part in an art project before and after the show.

This Saturday in Wagner Park in Battery Park City you can GO FISH! Master Anglers and drop a line for some of the 30-plus species of fish that live in New York Bay (the Hudson River’s estuary). During Go Fish, barbless hooks minimize injuries to both fish and participants. Fish are placed in saltwater tanks for observation and identification before being released back into the Hudson.  Rods, reels and bait are provided for those who don’t bring their own. Again this looks like an AMAZING event especially since you can probably participate with your children. Just check the weather. This would be a HORRIBLE event in the rain.

Brooklyn Street Fairs – I keep suggesting things outside but warning about the rain. I am a horrible curator aren’t I? LOL. There will be two street fairs going on in downtown Brooklyn. One in back of the Atlantic YMCA and another around the corner and down the block.

This Saturday in the Flatiron District will be the 9th Annual Dance Parade and Festival. There will be over 10,000 dancers and 75 diverse dance styles, everything from ballet to breakdance. Check it out.

I posted about this PG rated comedy show before at Creek Live in Long Island City Queens show starts at 1pm but you can get there early to do a joke workshop.

There will be a dance performance to kick off a Dance Africa festival happening at the Brooklyn Academy of Music this month. This will happen at Restoration Plaza in Bedford Stuyvesant. Check it out.

And I usually give you what my plan would be….how I would plan my weekend….but sometimes I like to see what people decide to do themselves. What worked…what didn’t. So I will list my top choices. Please send me an email: athleteandadiva@gmail.com

let me know how it went.



Comedy Show

Dance Parade

Whitney Museum

Astrology Night


9th Ave food festival

Family Trivia

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