Weekend of June 18

A little late but I’ll get back into my grove again. Promise. My activities guides came from a place of wanting to just share what I would do on a weekend. My daughters are 13 years old now so my activities might lean more towards tweenagers than little kids. Don’t fret though if I see something dope I will share it. Regardless if I would attend now or not, promise. So here are some dope things I found to do this weekend.

If you have read most of my other posts going to the movies is always an easy activity to do with the kids. You an waste about 3 to 4 hours of a Saturday or Sunday with your children IN silence IN darkness. We call this the win-win. Right now TMNT: Out of the shadows is out as well as the Jungle Book are playing in theaters. HOWEVER, tweenagers, infants or toddlers Pixar’s Finding Dory was released yesterday and since Finding Nemo was one of our ALL TIME FAVORITE movies it will be on our must see list this father’s day.


The 2016 M.A.M.A festival is happening today in Brooklyn from 11am to 6pm. A collaboration of culture and community you can check out more information here.

I realize a lot of my suggestions could also just be good DATES with your gf….but im alright with that. Since it’s Father’s day weekend this event should be a great experience for dad and child: sailboating.  Manhattan by sail offers tours around the  New York City Harbor. They have boats leaving about every two hours. If sea is not your think maybe you can try the air and going skydiving….indoors.  This is something I plan to DEFINITELY do with my daughters. But book in advance as the time slots usually fill up a week or two in advance. Lets see…sea…air….what are we missing, oh yeah! Land. If you want to check out a cool activity to do on the ground you can go here. Cheap bike and skate board rentals for parents AND kids. This looks like a really fun time. There are also free bike classes, helmet fittings and give aways in Brooklyn at Resortation Plaza this Sunday.

At the NYSCI is Brick Fest Live! An exhibit made up purely of Legos! It is also superhero weekend at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum (I’m liking this theme). At the museum of Moving imagine is an arcade workshop as well as cool exhibits.

And as always this is how I would structure my weekend


Today – I would pick an Anchor event to head to as tomorrow should involve some kind of father’s day activity.

I would start the day with an early movie followed by lunch. I would aim for a 12 noon or 1pm movie.

Anchor – Finding Dory movie Approx 2hrs

I would follow this with lunch somewhere you can sit down and talk about the movie.

Tut – I would take the kids to the museum of moving image to check out that arcade exhibit. Since there is a movie theater down the street from the Museum Of Moving Image id keep everything in on area.

Sunday– A national holiday I reserve this day as a WILD CARD/GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card that you should be able to redeem at will. If you don’t feel like being with the kids you shouldn’t have to be. But if you do plan on spending Sunday with your little ones I think that sail boat tour would be an amazing way to spend the nice afternoon with them.

Anchor– Manhattan by Sail Approx 2.5 hrs (You should be able to get a co-parent sponsor for the bill)

Tut – I would keep the sea theme and go kayaking (for free) with your little one before or after lunch.

These two activities should bring you through the majority of the day and send you home close to 5/6pm. Water and kids = early bedtime, its like a universal law. So after dinner you should be able to sit down or step out and catch game 7!