Week January 9


Happy New Year!!!! This is the first weekend of 2015 and guess what? Your kids probably don’t care how broke you are from Christmas about two weeks ago. Aren’t kids great? [They actually are pretty wonderful, just brutally honest with their feelings and wants]

Well this weekend while there are things to do in New York City I offer or suggest some things to do inside the house. The polar vortex apparently is upon us and it has turned into Antarctica outside. Most of the things I found involve INSIDE activities.

Here are some cool things I found to do this weekend:

There is an exhibit at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center that gives fans of sesame street the opportunity to experience what it’s like to create an episode of the show and get close to Elmo! Should be an interesting way for parents and kids to view something together that is part of their childhood.

This is a little late [since a lot of shows are already sold out] but still something to look into if you have a pre teen. Kids on Broadway has reduced prices for kid aged 6 to 18 to view Broadway shows. I checked and Lion King, Matilda and Aladdin are sold out. You can check to see if Chicago, Kinky Boots or Wicked might still be available. These plays would probably be better for older children that are around high school age.

Though it is freezing outside ice skating is still a great activity to do with the kids. Especially if you can’t ice skate; you will become the entertainment. *Please note this activity must be followed by a cup of hot coco*.

For kids 7 to 11 you can check out Circus Warehouse in Long Island City. They have a class Saturday January 10th that teaches, juggling, balance (partner & solo skills), tumbling, trampoline, clowning/physical acting, and aerial arts (silks & static trapeze).

If you have small children I would suggest The Brooklyn or Manhattan Children’s Museum or the Sony Wonder Lab for activities to do in the afternoon.

I found a cool magic show at the symphony space……I think I might want to go without my kids though. There is also a free drop-in dance class you can take your little one to. Though I don’t think I would because I have OCD about leaving my children with people.

And of course of I were going to plan a weekend. This is how I would go about it…….


Saturday – Of course I would start the day off with breakfast and probably watching a few cartoons?

Tut – Nothing big here just lunch before heading out to our anchor.

AnchorThe circus workshop in Long Island City. Starts at 1pm. Approx. 2hrs

AnchorThe Sesame Street exhibit seems like a good way to spend the afternoon. I wouldn’t do this and the circus workshop as it would be a lot of back and forth on the train/in the car BUT if you really wanted to keep your little one busy you could check it out. If you do both anchors however I would not do any tut activities I would just head home. Appox. time varies

Tut – I would make a stop at Barnes and noble to read a few books and maybe pick up something for reading at bedtime. (I always make sure my children see me buying books to encourage them to read)

At about 6pm I’d make my way home to prepare dinner, draw my daughters a bath and aim for that 8pm bedtime.


AnchorI think I would go to the Magic Show  at 11pm. I am not sure the time but I wouldn’t put it past 90mins.

Tut – Lunch

Tut – I would then head down to the south street seaport to the ice skating ring to burn off lunch!

Those two events should lead fill up an afternoon quite nicely and round out your weekend activities.


Now since it is after the holidays money is probably a bit tight. I suggest supplementing one of these days with a sleepover or family visit. No scheduled event no magic show no planned outing. Just pick a cool parent you have a relationship with and whose children are friendly with your own children and go by their house. Watching TV and playing video games is an entirely different experience when it involves other children!

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