Week January 24


The first month of 2015 is almost done! (Next weekend is the SuperBowl which is the only reason I deem this little nuggets significant). So? How has fatherhood been in 2015 so far? The same? Good! Being great is about repetition and consistency which can get boring at times. It is not a bad thing. If you were looking to make huge changes in 2015 I hope you haven’t used the past 3.5 weeks as your gauge. Change is a process, not an event so keep at it! Here are some cool things I found to do this weekend.

Video Game Shadow Puppet Theater – Participants make flat characters with square features, highlighted with tissue paper color, then animate them in Children’s Museum of Art’s (CMA) shadow puppet theater. This workshop happens from 11am to 5pm on Saturday.

Ice Skating performance at the southstreet seaport- Professional ice skaters Shirin Solimeny, Sinead Kerr
Juvenile Ice Dance Pair, Valerie Sroka and Sam Holman all perform at 11:30am. You can also catch old school Saturday Morning Cartoons and free hot chocolate!

Inventenguity is a hands on celebration in technology, imagination and arts-n-craft for young people 8 years old and up. Kids will participate in 45 minute workshops to build twenty foot tall spinning sculpture,  a marionette, a robot that draws, an air-powered boat, a coin-flipping machines or analog video art! You must register here before attending this free workshop.

There is a deal on groupon for Brooklyn Boulders. Head out and do rock climbing Saturday or Sunday morning! I have been and I can tell you it is very intense! But absolutely fun for your son/daughter to watch you struggle across a rock surface three feet off the ground. There is also a living social deal for a kids comedy show Sunday.

There is also the Brooklyn Game Lab in the heart of Park Slope. This Saturday they have a workshop for kids ages 9+. The cost however is $50…….BUT your first game lab is FREE. The goal of the lab is to teach critical thinking and reasoning skills through collaborative games. Each session is about 2.5 hours. (which means you should probably make sure your son/daughter has a snack)

And of course if I were going to plan a weekend this is how I might do it….



BREAKFAST! BREAKFAST! BREAKFAST! I mention it often but it really is the most important meal of the day. It is also a unique time to bond and share conversation with your little one. I  suggest getting up and making breakfast as a ritual but this weekend find a nice local diner (IHOP is acceptable) and share a meal.

Tut- After breakfast I’d head over to the south street seaport to watch the free ice skating performance. Since I am planning to check this show out breakfast could be near, either walking distance or less than 30 mins away by public transportation. Appox. 1hour +

Anchor – I’d check out Inventenguity next as the workshops are 45 minutes long. This should put you at around 2 or 3 o’clock. A perfect time for lunch.

Tut – I would end the day with a trip to the book store or another small activity an hour to ninety minutes long. (I’d waste time walking past the 9/11 Memorial after ice skating). This should put you in a sweet spot to head home fix dinner and have everyone in bed by 8.


Anchor – After breakfast I’d head over to Brooklyn Boulders to burn some early morning calories! Approx. 1 hour+.

I’d make sure rock climbing would end by noon.

Anchor – I’d take my little one to the living social deal I posted about for a Kids Comedy Show. The show required a two drink minimum but your little one should be starving by now so this would be a good opportunity to kill two birds by having lunch there. Approx. 90min

Tut – I would round off the day with another small activity…… try walking. Yup…. just take a walk. Visit the apple store and grab a cup of hot chocolate at Starbucks. Sit and talk. You aren’t in a rush. Then head home. Time vaires

You should be able to fix dinner, draw a bath and have the house quiet before the Walking Dead comes on! BOOM.

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