Week December 5


The Thanksgiving turkey leftovers are starting to dwindle down and you are contemplating what holiday parties and new years resolutions you’ll crash and oh yeah…… the kids! Holiday time is a great time for family and friends but it is also a black hole for you if you are a single dad and have two full weeks of no school for your little one. What do you do? Well I be posting some ideas and as well as some over the break places you can take your little one during the holiday break.

I always advocate that you try to include or incorporate your little one in your life and plans. Your child[ren] aren’t some extra chore you have to accomplish before you get to hang with your friends they are PART of your life. Like breathing.

Tree Lighting – The tree lighting at Rockefeller Center is always a great spectacle. I personally try to avoid crowds when I have my little ones with me but if you don’t mind braving the elements and elbow this could be a nice outing and opportunity to drink tons of hot chocolate. The lighting happened this Wednesday but you can still walk by to show your son or daughter. This would be a very very small tut activity but worthwhile none the less. There are also other lightings today and tomorrow you can check out:

West Village, Little Italy, UES1, UES2

Alvin Ailey – This dance troupe is amazing and only holds multiple shows around this time of year. It is a great experience and wonderfully rich cultural event to expose your children to. Tickets can be a bit expensive but if you plan ahead and check group on/living social. You can make it work! Ticket range from $25 – $150

Cirque Ziva – “Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats sparkle in a stunning spectacle of breathtaking skill and beauty.”  I have seen acrobatic shows like this one in Beijing China. The skill and precision of the different feats are a sight to see and well worth your afternoon. I’d definitely check it out.

And of course there is always the movies, book store or an afternoon at home as this weekend looks like it might be a bit like “stay in” weather.


It actually late in the day and it might rain later so my plans would involve heading out for a limited amount of time. Not a whole day. I would plan to be in the house well before the evening to cook and maybe play board games. Cold and wet weather encourages activities inside which can mean in a museum, store or the living room.

I would only pick an Anchor event for today and MAYBE one tut. Again I wouldn’t want to be out of the house for long as it is wet outside. I would probably pick something I need to accomplish for myself first and bring my little ones with me. We would have lunch and continue to an anchor event. Today the Cirque Ziza show starts at 2pm and there is another one at 7om. I wouldn’t head out today however because of rain. I’d save this event for tomorrow.

I would head to holiday shopping, probably Macy’s or 34th street. I’d head to Rockefeller center to walk by the tree lighting with my children grab hot coco and have lunch. I’d probably then try to see if we can catch a nostalgia train on the MTA but then we’d head home. I normally would try to go see a tree lighting but standing in the rain is never a great experience especially with children. Before I head home I’d buy a jigsaw puzzle and paint set.

HOME ACTIVITIES: on a rainy Saturday Afternoon I use the time to try a simple banking recipe: chocolate chip cookies. I am not a baker but I do tinker. Baking is a great activity to share in where you AND your little one can partake in something you both can be proud of.

There is a free showing of Smurfs 2 here at 3pm

Video games: I good round of video games — if your little one is old enough — is also a great way to spend time.

Remember that painting set I suggested? Well clear out a space in the living room, put down some newspaper and get MESSY!!

The most important aspect of each of these events is that you participate WITH your kids. Make sure you don’t just give them something and tell them “occupy yourself”. Your children feel great when you do things with them, even the smallest things.


Anchor – Cirque Siva. The show starts at 5pm which means you have the morning and most of the afternoon to do activities before heading to Times Square. Running time 2hrs

Tut –  Brunch. Its a tradition I try to maintain with my daughters often. It is a great lazy Sunday activity at eats up time and provides a venue to talk and interact with your children. Approx. 90mins

Staple: Movies. This is always a fall back safety plan. The anchor event will be in the heart of times square. There are two movie theatres right across the street. If you catch a movie by 3pm you can walk out in time to cross the street and head to the show!

Tut – reading at the Guggenheim Museum – This reading is only 30 minutes and happens at 2:30 and 4pm. The 4pm time might be cutting it close with the Anchor event and the $35 price tag may be a bit much for only 30 minutes. If you decide to do this I would suggest the 2:30 pm time and that you stick around and check out the museum before heading out to the event in Times Square.

Always remember my “plans” are just my interpretation of what the day could look like. Use the suggestions here as they fit into your own life and schedules. Most importantly though architect great experiences for your children and have FUN!!


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