Weekend of April 22nd

I know I know….its been quite some time huh? I will get into that in another post but for right now I want to arm you with a list of cool things to check out this weekend. Spring is here and that means the weather is changing. Rain will give way to sunlight and eventually summer time breeze. Until then you can at least shed a layer of clothing and head out to more activities with your little ones. Here are a few cool events I found for this weekend..

Batman Vs. Superman – I saw this with my daughters and they enjoyed themselves (which is all I needed to pay for 3D glasses) so I recommend it highly. Regardless if you are a fanboy or not it is a good time and LONG (almost 3 hrs) which translates into a GREAT way to kill a Saturday. So in full transparency I would also recommend Zootopia and The Jungle Book (which I have heard is really good) if you have younger kids. I (as I am slowly starting to realize more and more) have budding teenagers and the range of movies I can take them to has probably expanded past my comfort zone. Zootopia, a one time  go to movie event, is now t0o “babyish” for my girls. So also added to my movie list would be Barbershop 3 and the Huntsman: Winter War.

This is the last weekend the Universoul Circus will be in Brooklyn and Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn before moving to Queens for two weeks thru May. I highly recommend that show. It was great fun and with much attitude and flair for the masses. Check out them out here.  Next weekend is the Indian Holi festival of colors happening on 47th and 2nd ave. While the festival is a week away you’d have to get your tickets now. Culturally it looks like a great event to immerse yourself into, logistically however it seems like having music, food, crowds and colored powder everywhere might be a cleaning nightmare for you and your kids. I would say attend this event at your own RISK: evening baths are tough enough.

Tomorrow the Tribeca film festival is hosting its annual Family day street fair and an ESPN sports day. They will be having a special free screening of GhostBusters and tons of activities from many of New York City’s professional sports teams and leagues, along with many local youth athletic organizations. On the Highline tomorrow they will have Culture Shock a big event happening most of the day with music, dance, poetry, comedy, storytelling, and spoken word!

The Nitehawk in Brooklyn is hosting a brunch on Sunday for the Movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (one of my favs) as well as the Roxy Hotel in Tribeca. Prices vary but movie and food are universal parent “wins”.

There is also a free screening of Ratchet & Clank this Saturday at 10:30am at AMC 34th St. (312 W 34th St). Its totally free you just have to RSVP here.  And of course below is my plan if I were going to plan a weekend…..


If you haven’t guessed by now I am a big movie buff and think its the perfect kids activity. I would start the day of course with breakfast, which could be cereal or an omelet. I would try to get ouf of the house by 10 or 11am? If you are lucky enough to score some free tickets to the Ratchet & Clank screening you would need to move this up to 9am.

TUT- I would start the day with a trip to the Tribeca Film Festival Family Day and ESPN sports day. Walking around is a great way to spend time and tire your kids out. Approx 2 hrs. 

ANCHOR – Since there is a movie theatre within walking distance from the street fair it makes for a perfect anchor event and cuts down on travel. I would plan to see a 3pm movie? Most likely The Jungle Book but you would pick the movie you think the kids would enjoy the most. Approx. 105 min


ANCHOR –  If you snag free movie screening tickets for Ratchet & Clank I’d start the day there. Approx 95min

I would stop to get lunch either next door at Quiznos Sub or Chipotle. Sit down and eat. Ask the kids what they thought about the movie…what did they enjoy? What did you enjoy? Approx 45min

TUT – I would then check out Culture Shock on the Highline starting at 26th street (which is walking distance from the movie theatre) and walk down to 14th street checking out the different events. Approx 90 min. 

I am not a fan of HUGE crowds while with small kids. Sometimes it isn’t enjoyable so gauge how your daughter or son is doing to see if you should say.

After Culture shock it should be around 3/4 o’clock depending on how long you stayed. I would walk to the Barnes and Noble on 95 Warren street to look at/read some books. See if you can’t find some Ratchet and Clank books! Approx. 60min

At this point it should be approaching 5 and you should be ready to head home to fix dinner. Remember fix dinner, a warm bath and a story before bed. Sleep by 8pm. Promise.


Today will be pretty laid back as I think that should be the general make up of Sundays. If you go to church then that should lead your day. Otherwise below is how I would plan the day with the kids.

TUT – I would definitely check out the NiteHawk brunch @ 11am. This is the perfect combination of food and function. Kill two birds with two stones. Approx 2.5 hrs

It should be about 1:30/2pm.

ANCHOR – I would definitely make the next event a trip to the Universoul Circus. They have a 4pm show. Since it is located literally on the other side of Brooklyn you should have a good 2hr gap to travel. You can take a long cab ride, drive or take public transportation but use it as an opportunity. Remember to fill up the ether

After the show this should leave you in the 6/7pm range. And the routine is the same: dinner, a warm bath, a story and then comatose…! Boom.