This Weekend

I found two things that I think would be awesome to check out on this July 4th weekend: sleeping and eating. Nope sorry sleeping, eating and binge watching Orange is the New Black. What? Why can’t you do that this weekend? Kids! Right….I forgot. Man they know how to ruin good weekend plans huh?

As you screamed out of work excited for the three-day weekend a cloud of dread might have come over you as you realize that 1. your children no longer have school and 2 they also have a three day weekend. Its ok though. Fourth of July is always an amazing time with tons of things to do in New York. Expect crowds and plan accordingly if you are heading out with your kids. Bring snacks, hand sanitizer and patience!

Your weekend plans should include one of the following: A trip to the beach, the movies or a barbecue. A six flags, splish splash, dinosaur field station , Dorney Park or Coney Island is entirely up to you. I personally try to avoid theme parks during long holiday weekends because of the stifling amount of human beings. I get nervous with my kids.

I found out that there are remote control sailboats for rent in Central Park. For $11 you can race a wind powered sailboat around Central Park’s  Water Conservatory. There is stargazing at Lincoln Center and a small music festival at the South Street Seaport. There is free Kayaking at Brooklyn bridge park.  Madam Tussauds museum is having a Ghostbusters virtual reality experience opening today! (I’d check to see if there is a Groupon for this).  The children’s art museum of Manhattan as a workshop Saturday. There is a large musical instrument in Battery Park City that operates by you swinging on it…..perfect for kids!  This is how I would plan my weekend…



I would start the day with a Movie, either TMNT, Finding Dory or the BFG. Around 11am after breakfast. Approx 2.5 hrs.

I would have lunch then find a nice city park (Battery, Central or Prospect) lay out a blanket. And either play with a soccer ball or fly drones (remote control helicopters work to and are cheaper).  This doesn’t cost much and literally could take you all day. Which is the point. I would finish by getting some ice cream and making sure you talk with your little one.  Approx 3/4 hrs.

You should be able to head home fix dinner,  have a bath and have your little one knocked out in bed.


I would head to Central Park to race sailboats after breakfast. This sounds like a really relaxing afternoon activity and again something that can allow you to talk and be goofy with your child. Factor in lunch which could just be hot dogs from a vendor. Approx 1 hr

I’d walk down to time square (a way to extend the afternoon) to Madam Tussauds ghostbuster exhibit. I’d aim to get there for 3/4 o’clock. Afterwards I’d stop at coldstone ice cream brewery across the street for a cold treat. I’d head home to fix dinner (probably leftovers from yesterday) read a book and put my little ones to bed. *Netfilx and chill time*


That’s right you have one more day! Id wak up late today and wait for the BBQ text/email. Definitely find a friend, neighbor or family member who is grilling and take the kids. The beach or water park are also options but would take some planning. Finding a great place to watch the Macy’s Fireworks is always a great activity. July 4th I wouldn’t try to plan too much. Enjoy seeing your children. Play video games with them or take them to the park. Its been a long weekend but if you balance it with activities and down time for yourself you can survive.