Super Bowl Activities

So this weekend is a bit more special than other weekends I’ve written about. It retains a unique attribute — to create an unparalleled display of male emotion and camaraderie — that can be manufactured only once a year. A span of 24 hours that cultivates male machismo and the personification of the male experience. It is a hallowed day that all single dads know of and hold sacred. It is called THE SUPERBOWL. If you are like me then you have not planned to be on daddy duty come Sunday evening. I don’t blame you. Parenting is a thankless job and a Sunday off is warranted. On SuperBowl Sunday however it is almost your God given right as a member of the male species to be relieved of your daddy duties. That being said it does not mean you are TOTALLY exempt from your responsibilities as a parent. So below are some cool things to check out this weekend.

The Mark Morris Dance group in Brooklyn is holding a free dance workshop on Saturday from 3pm – 4pm. You can reserve a spot here

At the New York Hall of Science you can join a workshop to make wooden lego pieces. Workshops will be held from 1:30 – 3 pm and 3:30 – 5 pm on January 31. Its $3 per adult/child pair. You can check out the details here and book a spot.

The Museum of Math has a robot exhibit you can check out!

Interact with two dozen small, glowing robots who react to your presence and communicate with each other, chasing after you or zooming away as you move across the floor.  With cutting-edge new developments in motion control and positioning systems, this is the most ambitious robotics exhibit in the nation



I’d begin the day as always with breakfast. Making pancakes or waffles is a great way to eat up a few hours in the day.

By 11am I would be making my way out the door to start the day.

Anchor (Girls) – Color Me Mine is a pottery shop in Tribeca where you can paint ceramics and then take them home. $12 plus the cost the cost of whatever you choose to paint. Approx. time 1.5 hours.

Anchor (Boy’s) – I would head off to the Museum of Math on 26th street in Manhattan to check out the robot swarm exhibit. The rest of the museum is pretty cool to! Approx. time 2 hours.

After each event I would grab lunch you can walk to Chipotle or McDonald’s to get some grub from either anchor.

Tut (Boy/Girl) – Movie: Paddington Bar. Check the movie times. I’d buy your tickets ahead of time just to cut down on waiting. There is a theatre within walking distance of either activity.

Tut (Girl) – The 3pm dance workshop at the Mark Morris Dance group.

At 4pm I would take a small trip to the book store to have hot chocolate at Starbucks and pick up book. Then at 5pm I would begin to make my way back home to fix dinner, give my little one a bath and get them to bed — you can read the book you picked up at the book store before bed time — by 8pm.

Day Done! Boom.


Watch football without the kids!

– A Single Dad

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