Everyone has them: go to’s — nouns in your life that invoke the same consistent feeling of goodness across time and space. French fries at a favorite dinner, that flavor of Baskin Robbins that always caramelizes in your mouth or the perfectly worn pair of jeans that will never be disposed of. Parenting is no different, there should be places that are consistent in their ability to be run into the ground when thinking of things to do with the kids. These are some of my favorite…….

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum bkchildrensmuseum

Nestled in the heart of Crown Heights Brooklyn I love the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. It has gone through an amazing renovation and usually has great exhibits and activities for the kids. This is always a great fa






Children’s Museum of Manhattan cmom

All the way on the upper east side the Children’s Museum of Manhattan is wonderful way to kill a Saturday afternoon with the little ones.






Sony Wonder Technology Lab sonyWonderLabThe GREAT thing about the Sony Wonder Lab is that it is completely free. That’s right you can go there for no cost and play with all the technology exhibits.











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