Mothers Day Weekend

Yes! Yes! Yes! The weather is finally agreeing with me and you and our plans for the weekend! Now hopefully this weekend involves mom. Mothers day is this Sunday and despite what you might think or feel we wouldn’t be here without her. So in your activities this week I hope you include dinner, a phone call, text or some gesture to show just how much you appreciate mom. And remember your son/daughter is watching you.

Here are some cool things I found to do this Mothers Day Weekend.

At Lincoln Center this Saturday there will be an annual spring fling, with events happening all morning into the afternoon from various organizations. Warning: this will probably an event with a lot of parents and kids, if you are not comfortable having your little ones around crowds of people this might not be the event for you.

Harlem Children’s Theatre Festival – The City College of New York will have its first annual children’s theatre festival from 10am to about 1pm in Aaron Davis Hall.

75 anniversary of Pinocchio – The Oscar Academy is having a special presentation of Walt Disney’s Pinocchio today at 11am today at the Academy Theatre near Columbus Circle. This seems like a GREAT event to share something from your childhood with your own children.

Celebrate Mothers’ Day free at CMA – The Children’s Museum of Art in Manhattan is having a special art projects to make something special for mom. This is happening all day. If you don’t want to head to Soho you can head to Midtown to make Mother’s Day bouquet at Sony Wonder Labs.

New York Hall of Science will have a Little Sewers workshop for parents and kids. You make objects out of recycled materials.

At the Socrates sculpture park in Long Island City queens there will be a free workshop on making then Flying your own Kite

And of course here is the way I would structure my weekend today and tomorrow if I were you…..



I get breakfast first. Since its a late start I’d prepare something simple like cereal and get my girls ready to head out. Our first stop would be Columbus Circle to check out Pinocchio. I love the movies and this is a great way to show my children what my childhood was like

ANCHOR – 75th Anniversary showing of Pinocchio. Approx. 2 hrs

Me and the girls would grab lunch then head to our next event for the day.

TUT – Handmade Mother’s Days cards. I’d stop down at the children’s museum of art with my girls so they could make something for their mother or grandmother or art. Its important that I encourage and show them positive mutual respect for the women in my life.


Today is probably not going to be a day of activities for dad but a celebration of mom. So I don’t have any activities up. If you are a single dad you should probably be with your own mom while your little one is with theirs. I’ll have some special events for Father’s Day next month. Enjoy!

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