MLK Weekend

MLK Weekend January 17-19

So on the first big long weekend of the year I hope you have held fast to your new years resolution of travel and are right now flying to some warm exotic locale to relax and enjoy a strong cocktail. However if you are fretting about what will happen on Monday when both you AND your little one will have to entertain one another, I’m here for you. I wouldn’t suggest  you plan a long weekend with your kids, not to be negligent but rational. I know you love your little one(s) but three days straight might make you a bit crazy. Always make sure you are keeping time for yourself away from your son/daughter. If that means they have a sleep over or visit grandparents, do it. You need time with your significant other. You need time in the gym. To see a show. Or just to sleep in and not do anything. It allows you to feel like yourself and MISS your baby. You appreciate your children more when you have time away from them. It keeps the balance. Trust me.

That being said here are some cool things I found to do this long weekend….

IMpossible IZZpossible, is a show at BAM. The website describes is as “A kinetic combination of hip-hop styles—locking, breaking, popping, and house—blends with tap, step, and modern dance in this electrifying dance showcase.” The show is Friday and Saturday at 7pm.

Wild Kratts Live So I am old and have no idea who Wild Kratts are? Apparently they are a popular show on PBS — I hope not more popular than Sesame Street — and they are having a live show in New York this weekend. Something to definitely check out especially if your children watch the show. Sat/Sun/Mon 11pm & 3pm.

The Tada Theater is musical theatre performed by talented kids for family audiences and to provide a safe, creative and nurturing place where kids can harness their inherent energy, build their self-assurance and realize their true potential through the unique collaborative art form that is musical theater. They have a great show Sunday and Monday 2pm and 4pm about how great family can be. (Single dads this is still a good message for you and your little one, but may spark questions if their family didn’t look like the family on stage.)

3rd Annual Black Comic Book Festival at the Schomburg Center in Harlem. This looks a super cool event and excuse to take a trip to Harlem.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. “January 19 Celebrate the incredible vision and works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as we mark his birthday throughout the weekend.” Movie screening for “Our Friends Martin”, a culture performance and a mini march around the museum are happening all weekend. A great way to introduce your little one to an important part of Black American history. And a great reminder for you on why we have this holiday.

The MOMA has a bunch of different workshops this weekend that would be great to check out. And there is a great musical themed event at the south street seaport called Paint the Music. You can paint, draw, learn instruments and get some DJ Lessons.

There is also magic show how happening in the city: the Amazing Max. It Runs through Monday.

And this weekend Paddington Bear comes out in theatres. The movies are always a sure fire way to kill some time during the holiday weekend.


There is none this weekend! Figure it out! (lol) I believe your planning abilities. GO BE GREAT.

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