Memorial Day

While I have commented on this before but I will do so again; what is up with this weather. I bought a new jacket 2 days before the start of Memorial Day Weekend!! What is that about? It seems as if the weekend will be a bit better than the past few days of grey skies and wind. In any event memorial day marks the unofficial start of the summer season and I for one am excited. The year will be half over soon is usually the thought that materializes around this holiday for me. That and I am going to be a year old in a next month.

Hopefully you planned a nice trip this weekend. You put in for FRIDAY andin or on your way to, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Myrtle Beach, the Jersey Shore, Bear Mountain or any number of Memorial Day destinations. I’ll have a little blurb at the bottom of this weekend’s activity schedule about taking trips with your little one. Here are some ideas for this long 3 day weekend. (hint: My suggestion is you take one of these days for yourself, alone without the kid. Just my 2 cents).

Here are some things to do this Memorial Day.

tomorrow Land Movie

To kick of the summer movie blockbuster rush Disney will release Tomorrow  Land named after one of its theme park attractions, starring George Clooney, Raffey Cassidy and one of my favorite comedians Keegan-Micheal Key from comedy central’s Key&Peele.

Kings County Fair – I posted about this last week but this seems like a more inaugural weekend to check it out.

Dance Africa Bazaar – This is a memorial day staple in Brooklyn right in front of the Brooklyn Academy of Music and a great way to spend the day. Usually filled with a ton of vendors, dancers and activities I highly recommend.

Uptown Uptown! There is a block party going on in Spanish Harlem 106th street between 2nd and 3rd avenues celebrating the 50th anniversary of the east Harlem block nursery.

I advocate for activities you can your little one can participate in together. This event at the drawing center is a workshop inspired by one of the center’s exhibits on the Brother’s Grimm.

On governors Island this Sunday there will be a family festival from noon to 4pm. There will be puppet making, sharks from the NY aquarium, live music, face painting and music. This would be a great event to plan a picnic and bring toy airplanes to fly!!

Some other ideas: Make meaning, color me mine, sony wonder lab, prospect/central park, BarBeQue w/ friends w/ kids.

No activity plan this weekend. I think the holiday season is one you can navigate through solo especially since you are probably going to try to see friends and family however if you are traveling this weekend here are a few tips I have garnished:

– Pick somewhere within a two hour drive if possible. Kids in the car whining is about as bad as babies crying.

– Have other kids there. Wherever you are headed to try to plan to have other kids there to keep YOUR kids occupied.

– Bring a back up plan. Small toys, a book or a Nintendo DS could save you from your child being bored out of his/her mind.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your weekend.

ok ok here is ONE activity plan if I were going to stay in NYC this weekend with my kids:

ANCHOR – Tomorrow land….as a movie fan I am always down for killing time in a large dark room with plush seats and popcorn.

TUT – BAM Africa Festival – I would head over to bam after the movies to check out some fun art and culture.

TUT– Prospect Park. Food in hand that I bought from the BAM festival I’d walk (yes WALK) to the park to play soccer and have a water gun fight with my daughters. Simple but very fun.

I would try also find a barbeque to crash, I mean…it is memorial day..

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