Weekend of June 12

So last weekend was my birthday weekend. I spent it a bit intoxicated (which is ok because I over twenty one) and very elated because I also got to spend time with my children. We visited one world Observatory (which will be one of the anchor events this weekend) saw a movie and had lunch on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Sunday was spent at brunch with family. It was a perfect weekend. Any who, there was no activity post last weekend, I took a break, which I implore you to do every once and a while. Make sure you take time for YOURSELF every now and again. It is extremely important as a person to recharge you. By helping you to become a better you, your parents get a better son, brother gets a better sibling, girlfriend gets a better boyfriend and children get a better father. Try it. It will be good. Promise.

SO!!! Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs. This weekend is the opening of Jurassic World! And if you grew up in the 90s like I did you remember how amazing Jurassic Park was when it hit theaters. It will definitely be an easy anchor event to go to this weekend with your kid(s). Here are some other cool things I found to do this weekend…

The new freedom tower in lower Manhattan is now officially open, along with an observatory 102 stories above the New York City pavement. I highly recommend checking it out. It is a great tut activity and with AMAZING views (I speak from experience) a bit pricey but, I think worth it.You can check out tickets here.

This is opening weekend for the new Jurassic World movie. Movies are ALWAYS an easy way to kill an afternoon, I for one plan on checking this out with my little ones. You can grab advanced tickets on Fandango.

Today from 4 to 6pm in the Putnam Triangle in Clinton Hills Brooklyn there will be free outdoor events with, games and activities for kids. You can check it out here.

So this weekend in Madison Square Park will be the NYC BBQ block party. Can someone say LUNCH???? Not sure what the crowd will be like but a PERFECT tut activity after an anchor to get food and also kill some time! Check out the menu here.

The inaugural HUDSON RIVER PARK GAMES invites you to experience the Park as New York City’s ultimate communal outdoor arena. The Park’s piers will transform into an Olympic-style day of sports and activities for competitors and spectators alike. A variety of kid-friendly programming will include Xpogo® Pogo Stick Lessons, Kids Soccer ClinicsTrapeze School New York Clinics; and free offerings from HRP’s Big City Fishing, Free Arts NYC, Manhattan Youth and a Gymboree Kids Zone!

The Adorama technology store will be having a street fair this weekend in Manhattan on 18th street. Check it out here.

Dance the night away! So I have posted about this dance party before but every time I see it come up in my activities searches I have to post again. IT IS FUN AND AFFORDABLE. Please check out the website and purchase a ticket. It is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and hear some great music! Check it out here.

And here is how I would plan my weekend…..



As always I would start the day off with breakfast. I always suggest cooking with the kids but going out to IHOP will never be frowned upon by your little ones.

TUT – Freedom Tower Observatory- I would definitely start the day out with this activity. There can be a line so you might want to go earlier than later. The trip is worth it however, plus there is a movie theatre within walking distance which makes it convenient. Approx time 2 hrs.

TUT – Big Apple BBQ. This looks like a GREAT in-between event to walk around in. You can see what time the movie starts (pick a theatre close by) and give yourself a good 2 hours to get food and eat. Approx 1.5 hrs

*ANCHOR – Yup you guessed it……Jurassic World! Might night be a great for very young kids but if you have a six year old and up this is where I would anchor down my days activities! You can check the various times to see what would be a good time. I would plan to see this in the mid to late afternoon after lunch. Approx 2.5 HRS

*There is a movie theatre in Battery Park City across the street from the observatory. I wouldn’t suggest this though because the kids might be starving by the time the movie starts. There are some restaurants right next to the movies that would take care of lunch.


Breakfast first. Cereal is fine but always eat with your kids and talk. Its important.

TUT – The Adorama street fair would be a good event to start the day with, say around 11am. An hour would be about all you need. Approx 1 hr.

ANCHOR – The Cirkiz kids dance party is a GREAT event to kill the rest of the afternoon. They also offer food there so the kids can get something to eat. They will want to stay for a while. Approx 2.5 – 3 hrs.

That should take you through the weekend. Please send me an email avillagechief@gmail.com to let me know if any one of my activity plans helped your weekend. Enjoy!

– A Single Dad

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