Fathers Day Weekend

So what can I say….I feel like its a National holiday…oh wait it IS a national holiday! I get as excited about the third weekend in June probably as much as Christmas now a days! Its MY DAY!! And I earned it! To all the father’s who happen across the blog I hope you are spending this weekend enjoying yourself and your children. I hope you are celebrated and acknowledged for who you are and what you represent to your children and communities. I will post an activity plan for Saturday but none for Sunday. Sunday is reserved for you to spend however you see fit. Its your day. Enjoy!

This weekend Disney Pixar’s Inside Out is released. The reviews for this movie have been amazing and I for one and super excited to go check it out. I love Pixar and their brand of family entertainment. They always seem to hit the mark which is hard to do multiple times.
Afterwards if you would like to you can go to Brooklyn Bridge Park for family field day:
There will also be an origami exhibit that looks really interesting, however it is in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. Unless you are in Manhattan or the Bronx this might be too much of a hike for one activity. However coupled with the Bronx botanical gardens or Bronx Zoo it works.
Alvin Ailey is having a performance Saturday at 2pm. You can check out tickets here. Alvin Ailey is an amazing show and good ANCHOR event to center your Saturday around. A bit pricey depending on where you sit but well worth it.
Illuminate is also an amazing show that is running this weekend. I have posted about this before but it is worth mentioning again. Check it out.
You can also check out kids popaction which I have also posted about before. This organization is geared towards movements and acrobatics. They have classes in the morning for beginners. Another alternative is the circus warehouse in williamsburg.
Either event would be a good TUT event to supplement Alvin Ailey.
The Children’s Museum of Art in Tribeca is also having special workshops for father’s day weekend.
Here is how I would plan the day Saturday.


As always I would start the day with breakfast.
TUT – The circus warehouse trapeze class at 11 am would be a perfect way to start the day. Approx 90min.
I would follow this with Lunch.
ANCHOR –  Alvin Ailey is an amazing show and wonderful exposure to the arts that you can share with your son OR daughter. Approx 2 hrs.
At this point you should be hovering around 4/5pm. I would head to cold stone in time square for ice cream then head home for dinner, a bath then bed.
Just enjoy yourself.

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