Easter Sunday

Finally some weather that doesn’t involve gloves and a skull cap! One of the first major holidays of the year Easter Sunday is great day to spend hunting Easter eggs, having a family meal or hearing the good word [I’ll try to do all three]. While I always promote activities on the weekend to help stimulate time between and your little one I also try to post events that I would actually attend myself [I try not to post just to post]. This weekend’s events will have things to do for both Saturday and Sunday but I will most likely be in church Easter Sunday morning with my daughters, followed by brunch and some time with Grandma. Nothing crazy just time well spent. Here are some cool things going on this weekend:

This is one of my staple yearly events that you can pretty much permanently add to your kids “to-do” list. The New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javtis Center opens this Saturday. The unique thing about this event is that it works for middle school right up to high school age children. [If you are a guy and have a teenager or a “tween” the auto show is perfect. Tickets aren’t that crazy and walking around the convention center kills plenty of time.

Song of the Sea” is an animated Oscar nominated feature film playing at the IFC this Saturday and Sunday and through most of the spring break. Check out tickets here.

There are a ton of different Easter Egg Hunts going on around the city. There is a list here that you can check out to see if one fits your schedule. Some are free and others have a fee attached so you choose dad and make the best of the day.

The newly renovated Kings Theatre in Brooklyn and the Theatre at Madison Square Garden will have Disney Live! Performances  this weekend and through next week. The best part? There are tickets for $20-$50 in premium seats. Check it out here.

I believe I mentioned this last week, at the Sony Wonder Labs,  there will be a workshop on Nanotechnology from 11am to 3pm.

In collaboration with the Nanoscale Informal Science Education (NISE) Network’s annual NanoDays event, the Lab will offer a variety of exciting and engaging activities, presentations and hands-on workshops in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

This looks like a really cool event and the fact that its free makes is even cooler! Check it out here.

The City Museum of New York is having an exhibition on Hip Hop with a workshop layering words and drawings on top of pictures. Check it out here. As a person who grew up in New York in the 1980s this is definitely an exhibit I wouldn’t mind checking out with my daughters.

Also this Sunday Brooklyn Smorgasburg opens at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Local food vendors come to display their tasty wares! Check it out.

Here is how I’d plan my Easter Weekend…..


If you are lucky enough to have the day off or early release from work I would actually start the weekend off this Friday at a chocolate decorating class.

ANCHOR – Chocolate Works in Brooklyn has classes at 3pm and 5pm where kids can sign up to decorate their own Easter treats! Approx 1.5 hours $25

I am not a huge fan of candy but since it’s Easter. A quick trip home for dinner and some reading before bed.


Now today might be full of different Easter Activities but not every activity will suit both YOU and your little one. I would keep it simple and do two anchor events and call it a day. I would start out with breakfast (this is a staple that always starts out my activity plans if you haven’t noticed)

ANCHOR – Sony Wonder Lab – The Nanotechnology workshop looks like a good way to start the morning out. From 11am to 3pm is more than enough time for a great Saturday activity. Approx 2.5hrs.

I would cap things at the Sony Wonder Lab at about 2 hrs, unless your little one wants to stay then I would say leave but 2 hours is more than enough time. Afterwards I’d head to get some lunch either around midtown or a special restaurant (i.e. Juniors in Times Square)

TUT – I would then take my girls to an egg hunt somewhere in the city. I have pre teens now but when they were 5/6 this would be a perfect supplement the wonder lab.

ANCHOR – So I’d normally suggest you head home after the egg hunt to cook and put the kids to bed but since it’s Easter Weekend I would head to dinner in Brooklyn and take my daughter to see Disney Live at the Kings Theatre. Show time is 7pm.

After a day like this they would be exhausted and so would I.


Easter Sunday is usually a religious holiday for many people and I think if that tradition is something you celebrate you should stay consistent with it. That being said it could also just be a lazy Sunday for you and you would like to do something fun.

ANCHOR – I would head out early to the NY International Auto Show. Looking at and seeing all the cars and displays is a perfect way to destroy a few hours on Sunday. I would aim to get to the convention center before noon and walk around for a few hours. Approx 2-3hrs

Only down side it that you might have to buy lunch inside the convention center and that can get expensive. If you are like me though you’ll bring a backpack stop by Subways before entering and slowly devour a foot long sandwich as you gawk at the 2017 Maserati coupe.

TUT – Since the Javits Center is on the west side high way I would buy tickets to go see HOME at around 3/4pm. After the auto show we could walk to the movies and talk about which cars we enjoyed the most.

After the movies head home. Fix dinner. Clean up. Then sleep.

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