Weekend April 17th

Yes!!! The weather is finally breaking and seeing the sun has become a more regular occurrence rather than a rare anomaly. You should be able to do more outside activities this weekend with your little one. They just finished spring break and are dreading school at the moment but since that is there only job they should suck it up!

That being said I encourage you to go out. Walk in the part. Ride a bike. Play Frisbee. Take a cruise around Manhattan. Go to the Zoo….. just try to avoid staying in the house. Spending time with your son or daughter should be enjoyable. Pick something you BOTH could enjoy doing. You know your kid don’t pick a long walk if you know they will win because  YOU will like it (don’t be that parent). Remember you are an ARCHITECT, you are piecing together the memories and experiences of another human being directly and indirectly. Most things you won’t be able to produce but your weekends are yours. Use them. Be great.

Here are some things I found that look cool to check out this weekend.

The Bronx ZOO – I don’t think I need to describe this activity but it is a “go-to” weekend activity for any parent that just has NO idea how to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The thing about the Bronx Zoo is that it is an ALL DAY event. Anchor and tut rolled into one. The Zoo is actually too big to see in one day. But if you get there at 10am and stay until about 4/5 o’clock. You children will be in a coma buy the time you move down the block. Its great. Be careful though….YOU might also be in a coma by the time you move down the block!

Séquence 8″ – Is described as this modern circus, starring 8 performers from the Montreal-based Les 7 Doigts de la Main (7 Fingers), which explores the intensity of human emotions through explosive acrobatics. It is happening at the city center Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Tickets range from $25 to $110

Family Cirkus Cabaret – . “The Bindlestiff stage is one of the few arenas in the world where you may see internationally renowned street performers, featured acts from Cirque du Soleil and Ringling Brothers, artists made known by America’s Got Talent and local legends, live, on stage, and in the same show”. This looks like a GREAT show to take your children to. The cost in advance is: $15 per person and  $12 per person for four or more tickets. At the door its $20 per person and free for children under age 3.

Guess What – Guess What is a free brunch-time PG rated comedy show clean enough that you can bring your kids and funny enough to bring your friends. I would encourage you to find another single father and you bring the kids to check it out together. Especially since its FREE. You can request free tickets here.

Its a Magical World – A musical adaptation of the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. I don’t know about you but I LOVED reading Calvin and Hobbes. And would love to check this show out. Its from 11pm to 1. The 2pm show is sold out.

At the MOMA is a free event for kids. For kids ages five to ten and their adult companions. Engage in lively discussions and fun activities while looking closely at modern masterpieces and cutting-edge contemporary art. Admission is free. First come first serve basis.

Brooklyn Bowl – Music Matters! At  Brooklyn Bowl this Saturday, April 18th there will be a New Orleans Soul group called The Funky Meters. Funky Meters blend New Orleans grooves with funk and blues to create an influential and classic sound. You can check out the tickets.

Little Makers Super Soap Making: A the New York Hall of Science they will have a free workshop on making scented soaps. The cost of the workshop is $8 plus the cost of admission to the NY Hall of Science.

CirKiz, A Cool Kid’s Dance Party! As a past participant I can contest that this is a COOL EVENT!! Definitely something you want to check out with your little one. You can buy tickets here.



So it will be 75 degrees today and you shouldn’t waste the good weather inside. So the activities for today should involve much sunshine.

Breakfast – I would start the day with a good breakfast of cereal and pancakes.

ANCHOR – The Bronx Zoo this is the only activity I would plan for such a nice day. It will be crowded so I suggest going early. Packing food because tickets will be expensive as it is but as far as something to kill a Saturday I can’t imagine anything more complete. Literally one stop shop. I would start at the zoo at 11am. Pick which animals you want to check out and break for lunch around 1. By 3pm start your journey to the exit and try to be back on the train or car home by 4pm. You will be tired. But you will have had a great time.


ANCHOR – Guess What. This FREE Saturday brunch event would supercede breakfast and would be a great way to start out the day. It starts at 1pm so you made need to have a light bowl of cereal to hold the kids over but this should be able to cover lunch. Approx. 1.5 hrs start time 1pm.

ANCHOR – After the comedy brunch you can check out the Family Cabaret show at 3pm! Now you would have time it so you can get from one event to the other so make a decision to either show up a little late or leave a little early. Approx. 90 min. These two events should bring you to about 5 o’clock. You can take the little ones home fix dinner and ship them off to bed.


TUT –  Little Makers Super Soap Making. I would start the day out with this workshop at the New York Hall of Science. It Si from 10:30 to 12:30. Afterwards you can grab lunch. Approx. 2hrs

ANCHOR – CirKiz. This is an absolutely cool way to end your Sunday after making scented soap. This dance party is $20 and they usually have $2 slices of pizza free glow sticks and tons of FAMILY FRIENDLY edm and dance music. You can head to this after lunch. It runs from 1pm to 5. Apporx 1 to 4 hers.

After this everyone should be more than tired. Dinner and bed!

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