Weekend of April 10

So it has been 7 days and you are about ready for your little one to head back to school (if they are in school). Spreak break is over next week and hopefully you had a good week of time spent learning from each other….and if not at the very least I hope your kids are still alive. Sorry I didn’t post activities for the entire week but most parents don’t have the luxury of taking off an entire week when their kids are off from school. You got to find babysitters or one week programs that cater to just this one week in April. Hopefully there is something at school the kids can do because if they aren’t old enough to stay home by themselves it’s always a scramble.

I stick to weekends because those days are usually the more consistent challenge when figuring out things to do but, maybe in the near future I’ll plan and put out a fall break plan of things to do. That being said I hope you are enjoying the warm (yes warm!) weather and plan to get out this weekend with your son or daughter. My site and page are just suggestions by the way nothing is written in stone or absolute; its malleable. A bike ride in the park and trip to go get ice cream is a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Sit. Talk. Or not. Doesn’t matter much what you do, just that you do it with them and they know you are there.

Kids rarely remember how much “stuff” you give them. They always remember the amount of “stuff” you leave them with.

Here are some cool things I found to do this weekend.

Fast and Furious 7 – if you haven’t already checked this movie out….ITS AWESOME. Not really a recommendation if you have younger children or little girls BUT if you and your 13/14 year old son need to spend some time. I recommend this movie.

New York International Auto Show – I posted about this last week. It has been going on all week and will have it’s last few days this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Again as dad you can gauge how interested your little one might be in the New Ford Mustang or Ferrari but if you have an a young son or daughter they may get a kick out of seeing cool automobiles with their dad.

At the Queens County Farm Museum has a kids carnival this weekend from 11am to 6pm. at only $12 its an affordable time.

The BRIC art house in Brooklyn is having a Spring Fever event this Saturday with free programs from 2pm to 8pm. There will be free dance classes and art workshops.

Amazing Max The Magician will be playing this weekend. You can check out tickets here.

At the Brooklyn Public Library this weekend CinemaKidz is having a FREE workshop on creating stop motion animation! A great event from 10am to 12pm. Check it out here. Since space is limited you will have to contact for registration:  jhuth@bklynlibrary.org

BMCC’s Tribeca Performing Art Center will feature Hot Peas ‘N Butter is a unique children’s musical group that incorporates elements of traditional Latin music, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, jazz, folk, and rock. You can check out the show here.

The Merchant House  Museum is having an event this weekend learning about what life would be like in the 1850s in New York as a young child. Best for older kids 8 to 12. $20 is good enough for one adult and 2 kids.

The New York Hall of Science has a workshop called “Make-It” where, using a computer program,  kids can make custom designed stickers. Check it out here. There is also “Little Makers: Make Some Noise” a workshop where kids explore sound with their own instruments made with recycled materials. Check it out here.

This Sunday the Film Forum is showing one of my favorite movies “The Never Ending Story” If you grew up in the 80s like I did this is a great film to introduce your kids to. At only $7.50 its also very affordable. Check it out here.

The last event is a free carpentry workshop in Brooklyn. The details are a little fuzzy but you can register here. Looks like a good way to spend Sunday afternoon.


So I will do something a little different this weekend. There is no plan — on purpose. I would like if you are reading this blog I would like you to email me: avillagechief@gmail.com. Tell me how you spent your weekend. What plan you came up with on your own. If you are reading this blog for the first time check out some of the older posts.

Hint: The New York Hall of Science has two events Sunday. Might be a good anchor and easy way to kill an entire afternoon with out much travel. It will also be really nice this weekend ice cream and a walk in the park is always an option. Enjoy.

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