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I am not an expert. Often in relationships we do ourselves a disservice by not embracing our expectations or worse lie and say we have none. The truth is we all do. None of us [parents] really have it “all together” — we are all just winging it — and are learning as we go along. We are all trying our best at working toward the best outcome. Parenting is no different than any other relationship we start — professional, personal, romantic — in that the idea in our minds of what it should be guides how we operate inside it. Employees imagine the corner office on the first day not getting a pink slip; we just aren’t wired that way.

And like navigating through Corporate America parenting takes a bit of faith in your own abilities, awareness of what is going on around you, being around good people, constantly learning and adapting to  your environment AND mentorship. (Having a great boss is a bonus but also a rarity nowadways). Isn’t it quite amazing how we assume “success” in one arena is suppose to look different than another? Why is that?

High level executives all know the value of good help and also having a good team. I look at raising children no differently. We ALL need help. All of us. Super moms and super dads need babysitters, encouragement, advice, resources and guidance about the end goal. So consider me a part of your team now helping you mange your project “KIDS” for some indefinite amount of time. But don’t worry I am like that really cool boss that lets you take summer Fridays and doesn’t really care what time you get in, just that you finish your work when its needed.

All of my posts and ideas are shareable but I have an obvious bias towards single [black] dads as these are the employees I would like to see rise through the corporate hierarchy the most!

I know I know…the managers at your past places of employment never had favorites….and this whole “bias” thing is totally new to you and feels ugly **shrug**. Life’s tough sometimes.

Always be encouraged and enjoy.


– A Single Dad



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