About this Blog

I am a single dad of fraternal twin girls. I take pride in my weekends with them and try to put thought into the things that we do. So much so that a few friends have come to admire the activities I find and schedule for them and myself. This blog is to chronicle those things and also share with friends and family some of the events and places we happen upon. It is my goal and hope that I provide a resource for other single dads as well.

New posts will be every Wednesday and Friday at 8am…..give or take. I mean I am a parent like you so…well you understand. (I honestly will try to adhere to that schedule as much as possible). I will try to give you step by step activities to take you through an entire day/weekend with your kids from waking up to putting them to bed.  You can check out the game plan section for more explicit details but the absolute goal is to have your kid(s) exhausted and knocked out by 8pm so you can watch a movie in peace. Point blank. That’s it.

You may build a stronger bond and sense of yourself as a parent as well…….BUT mostly this blog is about you retaining your sanity.

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