Weekend of March 6

This snow is getting REALLY annoying…..its going to be spring soon and I would like to stop shoveling. The show must go on! Homework still needs to be done, dinner still needs to be made and bedtime is ALL THE TIME. You still need to be a parent regardless of your natural urges to pull the covers around your neck, sink into your bed and finish the third season of House of Cards this weekend. I understand the struggle……

Here are some things I found this weekend that look interesting to do with your son or daughter.

There WAS a free workshop on how to design video games at the Library in Washington Heights. Looks like it is sold out however. It was being presented by RoboFun, a company in the UWS that produces workshops for kids that encourages STEM skills through technology. Something to remember to check out for in future. The New York Public Library is a great resource for finding things to do on the weekend. You would be surprised some of the events they have going on.

This is an event that sort of breaks my rules of constructing a Saturday but it looks like an Amazing show that I think would be a great treat for both you and your little one. The legend of Mulan is playing at the David Koch Theatre at Lincoln Center. I totally believe in taking in the arts. It helps with rounding out the young person you are raising. The shows are at 8pm tonight and tomorrow and one afternoon show Sunday. I usually plan to have my kids in bed by 8pm, but I think this is a great reason to break that rule.

Beats, Rhymes and  Breaking is a dance performance by the Manzana City Crew happening at the symphony space this Saturday and Sunday. You can check out tickets here

The world famous School of American Ballet as a FREE production this Saturday illustrating the process of become a ballet dancer. Starts at 2pm.

Another renowned dance company is having a performance in Brooklyn this weekend. Pilobolus Dance Theater

Renowned dance company Pilobolus Dance Theater performs its trademark style of acrobatic dance and offers kids and parents a behind-the-scenes look at their creative process.

The BIG APPLE comic book convention….and no this is NOT comic con…lol. This is a yearly comic book convention with upcoming artists and lots of toys and memorabilia. (I have been to this event and it is a bit of a nerdy convention, not really THAT kid friendly. I would just stop in to look at some cool toys to buy then head out)

LEGO My City – is a workshop this Saturday at 10am where you can get a hands-on lego building class with Master Lego Builder Eleanor Rogers. The event focuses on building scenes from the NYC skyline and cityscape, the cool part? Participants will get to take legos home! There is an event that happens shortly after LEGO my City in the same area.

Bomba Yo!Call & Response is a theatrical bomba music and dance piece that focuses on Puerto Rico’s Abolition [of Slavery] Day and explores the themes of identity and culture. This starts program starts at 11am and looks like a cool hands on event for you & your little one.

The 90 second Newbery film festival – This is the fourth year this collection of kid filmmakers shorts has been playing. Each filmed piece is a minute and a half or less. May not be enough to hold the attention of your kid but I’ll let you gauge it.

The New York and New Jersey American Camp Association will be holding camp fairs this Saturday and Sunday for parents and kids to learn about different camps experiences. The sessions are 12-3pm and free you can just show up or register here.

Kids Cabaret – This is a Saturday variety show for kids that have music, magic, puppetry and dance. Show starts at 12pm.

The New York Theatre Ballet is having a performance this Saturday and Sunday, GOOSE! Showtimes are 11am, 1pm & 3:30pm.

This Saturday in the Bronx Boro-Linc brings FREE live performances featuring interactive music, theater, poetry, visual art, and dance activities. This concert will illustrate the ideals of American democracy through the lens of America’s greatest and most democratic art form—jazz. Sounds super dope!

Sesame Street Presents the Body Exhibit at the Liberty Science Center – Learn all about your body with Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, and the rest of the Sesame Street cast in the new Body Exhibit at Liberty Science Center! Divided into three sections, Your Outsides, Your Insides, and Staying Healthy, this interactive exhibit features 17 activities including sign language games, Oscar’s Sneeze Machine, Baby Bear’s Mini Mart, a shadow puppet wall, and much more. Plus, click here to check out when your family can meet Elmo live.

This Sunday check out one of my favorites spots in Brooklyn – Brooklyn Bowl as they hold Beatles for Little Rockers – A Children’s Workshop with The London Souls

You can also check out some other free events here.

PHEWPH!! lot of activities this weekend huh? Don’t forget there is also the New York International Children’s Film Festival as well.

And as always…..here’s how I would plan my weekend



As always I would start the day out with breakfast. Making some pancakes and a few morning cartoons always sets a great tone for the rest of the day.

TUT – LEGO MY CITY – Now some might use this as an Anchor event for the day but for what I am thinking this would be a “warm up” event for my and my twin daughters. This event is hands on and starts at 10am. Approx time 1-1.5 hours.

we would do lunch. there are a ton of cool places in Williamsburg or Fort Greene which is where our 1st ANCHOR event is located.

ANCHOR – PILOBOLUS – This looks like a great show and a good way to eat up more of the afternoon. Approx time. 50 min.

Now is when we break from our normal schedule. At this point its probably 3 or 4 o’clock. I would normally say lets fit in another Tut event before heading home but my last event for the day is at 8pm (late I know). So I suggest we head home…take a nap and MAYBE get an early dinner at 5pm.

ANCHOR – LEGEND OF MULAN- This event just looked to great to pass up. Since it is at night you can do one event during the day and keep this as a surprise for your little one. Going out late is exciting when you’re a kid because it means you are doing things grown ups do. Approx 1.5-2hrs.

Since this is a late event your little one MIGHT not be able to sit through the whole thing. So a nap before might help. A cab right to and from might be expensive but memorable, so up to you dad.


Since we were out late we will have a late start today. I am sure the kids are tired from “hanging”. I’d make sure we had breakfast and then head over our first activity.

ANCHOR – BROOKLYN BOWL – This musical workshop looks like a great way to spend Sunday afternoon. The best part however is that it ties right into the tut activity.

TUT – BROOKLYN BOWL FAMILY BOWL – After the workshop just stay (have something to eat) and bowl just you and your son/daughter. This would be a one stop shop place to go on Sunday.

Nothing else for today. I think Brooklyn bowl is more than enough activities for the day. You head home start dinner, read before bed time and call it a day.

Weekend done!

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