Weekend March 20

Alright already!!! Mother Nature’s curves are becoming a bit redundant, now she is just being petty. It is officially spring but still feels like we are creeping into December. Trust me I want warm weather (or at least pea coat weather not this goose down bubble coat business) to be able to enjoy my weekends with my daughter a bit more. Mother nature however, is the HBIC so that means inside activities this weekend if at all.

A walk/bike ride/picnic in the park is free and a great way to waste spend time with your kids. Hopefully we can get to picnic weather soon. Here are some cool thing I found to do this weekend:

The new DREAMWORKS picture “HOME” comes out this weekend! Featuring the singer Rihanna as the lead character’s voice it looks like a cute story for dad and his little girl. You can head to fandango to grab tickets.

Discovery Times Square and the Body Worlds Pulse exhibit are offering special admission prices and activities for families through this weeknd. Use the code BRAINWEEK to save $5 on adult’s and children’s tickets. Tomorrow from 11pm – 1pm a real life brain surgeon will teach kids about brain science and have them examine REAL BRAINS. Check it out here.

My daughters are way past the toddlers stage but this show at the New Victory Theatre is perfect if you have a toddler. Finding interesting engaging things for the baby is always a toss up but this looks like it might be fun. The price isn’t bad either ($15) check it out.

The UniverSOOOUL Circus is back in town and if you have never seen this show your life has been in serious deficit. Never fear, you follow my blog and.that hole will soon be filled with a wonderful 2 full hours of quality black entertainment. They will be in the Bronx this month and come down to Brooklyn in April. You can buy tickets here.

From 1 – 4pm World’s Collide Convention is happening at the Scholastic Store in SoHo. This is a free event where kids can meet some of their favorite author: Gordan Korman, Peter Lerangis, Jennifer A. Nielson, Michael Northrop, Linda Sue Park, Eliot Schrefer, Natalie Standiford, Tui T. Sutherland and Jude Watson.

At the Brooklyn Academy of. Music Hankanai will be running a 70 minute performance where a single dancer moves within a cube, interacting with the images projected on its walls it looks interesting but may not be enough for the attention span of kids younger than nine or ten (you’d have to gauge it based on how your own kid is).

Saturday there is a FREE workshop to learn how to make great tasting and healthy sweet and savory snacks. It is an interactive workshop for the whole family with plenty of samples to taste! The Bronx House is located at 990 Pelham Parkway South Bronx, NY 10461 RSVP at 718-792-1800 ext 250 or Shenise@bronxhouse.org.

There are two events going on at the New York Hall of Science 1. Stop Motion Animation using free or open software you create short films using different stop motion animation techniques. The cost is $5 per adult/child pair, plus NYSCI admission. 2. Little Makers: Exploring Circuitry. You explore the basics of circuitry with foil, coin batteries, and colorful LEDs. Use everyday objects, such as paper clips, brass fasteners, pipe cleaners, and cardboard, into illuminated works of art. Sessions are at 10:30 & 11:30 am.  $8 per family, plus NYSCI admission.

In the heart of union square at Strand Books Elmo will be making an appearance from 2 – 3 pm.

The Gotham Comedy Club has its monthly kids comedy show at 1pm. You can look up tickets here.

You can also check out the Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra this Sunday and eat food while listening to the smooth sounds of the young musicians.

And of course if I were going to plan a weekend…. this is how I would do it.



Since the weather has been so bad lately I wouldn’t move around too much and try to stick to one location for activities.

TUT – I would take my little one to the MOMA for the discussion on art. I would plan to hit the museum by 11pm and stay for an hour. I would buy lunch in the area maybe from a Halal food cart.

TUT – I would then head over to the Paley Media Art Center and utilize their library and watch old television shows with my daughters. I’d do a search for “Disney’s Duck Tales” or “Disney’s Darkwing Duck” and school them to how real cartoons looked.

The pale center doesn’t have a time limit so I would stay there for most of the afternoon. Depending on the how well MOMA discussion goes after watching some TV at the Paley Center you can walk over to Time Square for a movie.

ANCHOR[alternative] – DreamWorks movie “Home”.

This should bring you to 4 or 5 o’clock. After the train ride home you should be able to fix dinner and read a story and put them to bed.


Now today you have 2 options of events to go to both good choices.

ANCHOR – Gotham Comedy Club this show starts at 1pm and includes a food menu so you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone: an event plus lunch

TUT – The Jazz for Kids at the Jazz Standard is a great supplement to the comedy club event. The standard also has food however so decide where you would like to have lunch.


ANCHOR –  You can spend the entire day at the New York Hall of Science. I would attend the Exploring Circuitry workshop break for lunch then go to the Stop Animation workshop to round out the day. This should bring you to 4 or 5 o’clock and burn enough energy to have your little one knocked out after dinner.

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