Happy Father’s Day

Its the most wonderful time of the year!!! The hiatus is over and I now have more time to push thoughts here. I apologize ya’ll (the seven people who read this thing) I was in graduate school, but I done graduated *black slave voice*. I have letters after my name and I probably am going to be obnoxious about it for a few months. I have earned the right to do so. Bragging is usually held with a negative connotation because it implies a lack of humility about one’s self and abilities. Superman shouldn’t be going around telling people how many buildings he stopped from falling on cats; you’re Superman, bruh its what you do.

This is why God did not deem it appropriate to imbue me with superhuman strength, X-ray vision, super speed, breath or the ability to fly. Because you would DEFINITELY know about it; Idc. Idc. Idc. Idc.

Being a dad — in my eyes — is just that, the longest brush you will ever have with membership to a justice league of other superheroes. Real dads understand that those few first years you ARE superman to your son or daughter. No one is stronger than you are, smarter or possesses a great ability to kill monsters, for a time. Your superpowers eventually fade and the Clark Kent portion of your personality seem to be all your children see. They can no longer detect  your superpowers. I personally try to continue my feats of superhuman strength by surprising my daughters with concert tickets, random phone calls and an occasional item that is the difference between life and death (i.e. an iPhone).

I am not sure about you but I enjoy being a superhero. The smile I receive when I can rescue someone from danger (i.e. advice) or stop a evil villain from destroying the city (i.e. mom is being unfair) is unparalleled. I have superpowers for Christ’s sake! Why would I keep that to myself and NOT save, inspire and change people’s lives for the better? Is that NOT what superheros do? We aren’t selfish by nature and don’t look for praise but Metropolis does have a day to honor all of the heroic feats of the last son of Krypton.

And it should.

Often all the kissed scrapes, vanquished closet monsters or quiet sacrifices are lumped together and pulled down onto a canvas of normal human deeds. Never once breathing the air and standing in the light of heroism that it rightful deserves. Though not a competition  moms aren’t saddled with this armor of obscurity as often. They stand in the light more frequently and breathe in that air.

Well today is the day for all superhero fathers to fill their lungs DEEP. To let their heroics be recognized and exulted beyond reproach. If you have been saving lives in the shadows for one year, ten years or a lifetime then today — FATHERS DAY — please take you bow and smile at the accolades you have rightful earned.

I for one LOVE father’s day because I feel as though I have completely earned the right to celebrate my fatherhood today, I hope you feel the same way!

PS. Game seven of the NBA Finals are tonight…..on Father’s Day….. if the universe is with us,  who can be against us?  

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