Like Father Like Daguther

I saw this clip and was over joyed. Nicole Paris and her father share a few things in common. Besides love for one another (which is also displayed in the video) they each possess unique beatboxing prowess, each capable of pushing their lips together to vibrate melodies, sounds and rhythms. Apparently there was an earlier square off between the two and this is the “re-match”. In both instances dad catches a serious “L” from his daughter whose range and technique is a bit more sharp and 2015 to her dad’s old school 1988 flow. That doesn’t matter however because you can see Dad’s pure elation at the fact that someone he loves took something he loves and made it their own by bringing it to a higher form. They say mimicry is the greatest form of flattery and I can tell Dad is super flattered.

Always share YOU with your children, as you are often more than just discipline, food and protection. You were and are a person who has interests and hobbies that your son or daughter might find enjoyable as well. Don’t forget that or hold the boundaries of your relationship with them small. Be warned though, your son/daughter might learn to love what you do and even become better at it than you are. That’s not so bad though, right? I am sure this dad and Dell Curry would tell you it’s not.

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