Date Night: Start Traditions

Before you continue reading please watch this video .

This post is geared towards single dads of daughters. If you have a son then I am a sorry this might not be as applicable (next time). If you were able to check out the video — and not tear up — then you, like me saw something amazing unfold; a tradition. Date night for that little girl will be forever imbued with the memory of “Dinner with Daddy” as she gets older her age in this video doesn’t matter her experience does. Her father was more nervous than she was which showed how much he cared about the moment. Hopefully it is something he does over and over again with his little girl so whenever she goes on any other date she has a personal benchmark of how it should make her feel.

It also creates a special and lasting bond between her and father that strengthens over time. Its for this reason I advocate consciously trying to establish rituals and customs for you and your little one. A special handshake, a favorite diner or even an activity that you both love: basketball, cooking, chess. Whatever it is just BE DILBERATE! Work at creating that tradition and history that will enrich both your life and your child’s live twice; once while it is happening and again when they remember it.

One tradition that I started and haven’t been consistent with is a special handshake. I had a special handshake that I made up with my daughters, something silly but was just between the three of use. My goal was to add a new piece to the handshake every year of their birthday so that by the time they were 18 our handshake would be elaborate, intricate and automatic! Unfortunately I didn’t work hard enough at being consistent with that tradition and it might have died. But don’t you worry I plan on creating another one!

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