Little Bit…..just a Little Bit.

I love STEM research and, although the bio medical engineering of metaphoric cells in the body that could help in fighting major disease and illness, the STEM I am talking about — though related — is a bit more ubiquitous. Science Technology Mathematics and Engineering skill sets are at a huge deficit here in the United States in comparison to other parts of the globe. The chasm expands exponentially  once you push into black minority communities. There has been a major initiative to solve this with organizations like black girls who code or websites like sponsored by Google that teaches basic programing through the web.

As a father I can’t say if my daughters will or will not become scientists, business leaders or singers. I don’t think it is my job; to decide that for them. My job is to equip them with the tools that will allow them to become a scientist, business leader or whatever else they find a passion in. Basic manners, common sense, a sense of self and ambition are — I decided — the important “STEM cell” ingredients for their larger growth.

That being said I came across Little Bit Electronics, who sell kits of small electronic modules that snap together to create larger gadgets. The limitation of what you can create with these modules is you and your child’s imagination. This a great way to encourage STEM in both your lives. The kits are priced anywhere from $89 to $1175 with the starter kit being around $199. Pricey but, thinking about what you would normally spend on a birthday or holiday, not terrible. The cool thing is the collaboration you can have. I encourage learning with your children; it bonds you together. The kits also look cool as shit really fun!

Using the kits aslo seems like a perfect activity to do at home on days when the rain or cold is too brutal outside.  Check it out:

– A Single Dad

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