Rest In Peace Stuart Scott

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Fraternity Brother. Husband. Father. TV Sports Anchor to millions. I learned that Stuart Scott ESPN sports anchor died today at 49. As someone who isn’t very excited by celebrity I am moved by genuine people who are impactful in the lives of others, many celebrities don’t fall into that category. Stuart Scott was someone  who changed how sports was conveyed on television and the dialogue around great moments in sports. He successfully brought elements of African American culture to mainstream sports journalism in a way that hadn’t been done prior. His catch phrases were legendary. My favorite Stuart Scott quote was “Cool as the other side of the pillow” I remember hearing it after an NBA highlight and thinking “Did he just say that? He’s a brother!”.

Stuart Scott allowed a generation of black men to see themselves in the way they consumed sports; it was amazing. Stuart anchored sports in a conversation that included banter from your local barber shop or from a favorite uncle. For that reason alone I made sure to tune in every morning before class sometimes often at the cost of arriving on time but it was ok because I HAD to watch the top 10 plays to hear Scott’s commentary.

Aside from his unwavering character and impact on sports journalism I think one of the most admirable things I saw in Stuart Scott was his love for his daughters; Taelor and Sydni. As a father of girls I know he genuinely put his relationship with them at the core of his being. It was the basis for everything he did and ultimately who he was. I personally think that Stuart Scott will appreciate the accolades he will undoubtingly receive as a sports anchor and journalist but that he would rather his life be a testament to the love and family which were the two pieces of his heart that lived outside his body.

Stuart Scott was not a sports all star but he was definitely a star in sports. He will be missed but always remembered.


– A Single Dad

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