Happy New Year. Happy New Dad.

Happy New Year! On the this first second day of 2015 I want to wish you and your loved ones [read:children] a prosperous, healthy and happy 2015. OK fine! If you want to throw your significant other, family and friends into that caldron of prosperity as well go right ahead. Good vibes for everyone. Like most people I hope you are using the start of the new year as a point of reflection on your life, goals and personal progression. Did you lose the weight you wanted? Get the job you have been dreaming about? Did you write that book? Or have you done that “thing” that you said would change your life? No? Well you have another 12 months to either amaze or disappoint yourself…..get to it!

Speaking of which I also hope New Year’s Day you take a moment to reevaluate how you have been doing as a parent. Yes that’s right you might even want to try some parenting resolutions. The entire purpose of this site is to cultivate creative thinking around what it means to be a dad — how you tackle it — and just like other areas of your life I think you should take a critical look at how things are going. Then make adjustments based on your goal, which is to raise a good person.

Simple not simple.

Your life and the things in it are constantly changing and you should follow suit. If you live a boring mundane life where predictability reigns supreme however……change anyway. If you didn’t like change in your life then having children probably  feels like an egregious error huh? [Aren’t you glad I started this blog?] In any event the point is the parent you are when your son or daughter is three years old can’t be the parent you are when they are thirteen. You must adjust and in doing so reflect on what changes you are making in order to achieve your objective. It might seem like a lot of thinking and introspection but if you can do it for weight loss, travel and other life goals then why not for being a better dad?

– A Single Dad

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