Watch Me Kid

kids_health_tvYour children may not always listen to what you say but will always watch would you do. This isn’t a profound epiphany that was bestowed upon me by my decade of being a father; its a rev run quote from twitter. Its pretty deep and accurate though. If you check the village philosophy you can read some of my thoughts on how you might want to tackle this whole “father” thing. I’m a huge advocate for not making things difficult whenever possible — life is pretty hard already — which includes parenting. Raising another human being doesn’t HAVE to be hard it just often is by design. To mitigate a lot of these obstacles you might want to use established success structures, like a parenting LDP (Leadership Development Program). This blog is part of your LDP.

One of those success structures revolves around leadership and how to become a successful at it. Really effective leaders can usually motivate their followers through actions since actions make noise and speak volumes. Martin Luther King Jr. was a natural orator that stirred the spirits of millions but HE was stirred by Mahatma Ghandi whose actions stirred the spirits of an entire nation….make sense?

Now I don’t suggest you starve yourself to get your kids into bed at eight o’clock (you might very well die) but I do suggest you challenge yourself to remember to lead by example. You children are always watching what you do ALWAYS (trust me on this one). So if you hear your kids cursing…….do you curse? If your kids aren’t eating enough fruit……do you eat enough fruit? Do you want your kids to drink more water?…….I think you get the point.

Ok I know what you’re thinking “Hey I am the Adult! I can do what I want!”. You’re right, you can. You have earned the right to do whatever you want because……’ve been alive for twenty one or more years on the planet. That’s a “do as I say not as I do” parental management style many of us grew up under. If you did grow up that way ask yourself did you ever think your mom or dad were just big hypocrites? I’ll answer this one for you: they were. Constantly monitoring and self policing yourself because you want to be the example of character that someone who looks up to you can believe in is HARD!

Which is why when you work for a great boss who stays just as late as you do on a weekends, encourages your growth and allows you to fail comfortably you think the most of them. Why? Because you know how it feels to have a boss that sucks. Parenting isn’t that different. And what are you shooting for if not parental greatness? Hmm….? There are too many dads (and bosses) out there that suck. Go be great.


– A Single Dad

2 thoughts on “Watch Me Kid

  1. Hey!
    I was with Aisha yesterday and she told me about your blog. I am so glad I checked it out. I will be telling everyone I know about it.

    Keep up the great work
    Teadra (a co-parent)

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