I love Jimmy Kimmel, not only is he from Brooklyn but he is a fan of popular black culture (i.e. popular american culture) and regularly highlights it on his show. One of my favorite parts of the Jimmy Kimmel Show is the challenges. If you don’t watch, Kimmel will challenge his viewing audience to do something, take video of it and then send the results into the show. Of course my favorite ones involve parents pulling pranks on their kids! The video above involves parents telling their children they ate all their Halloween candy.

Some of the kids tell their mom and dad, “Hey its ok”, while others straight out curse at them!

I wanted to share this because it highlights something I believe in as a parent, and that is to HAVE FUN! Parenting is very hard. Period. It will drain you in ways you can never really anticipate or prepare for. However it doesn’t have to be mind numbingly depressing, you can be creative and get some joy out of it!

Children aren’t to be the butt of your jokes 24/7, made to feel embarrassed or belittled for your amusement, however that it is your right as a parent to absolutely have fun with your kids and laugh with them.

So enjoy.

– A Single Dad

PS. I don’t condone the cursing though…..some of the kids in this video need to be put in their place (we’ll save that for another post).


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