Its a Rap!

You can check out another video here

Besides this video being amazingly cute and the fact this small 2 year old boy is on beat and gibbering with the cadence of someone ten times his age this small clip is a great testament to what being a dad is. We don’t know if Khaliyl’s dad is mean or rich, married or single but, what we can tell is that he ENJOYS his son. He is having a great time with him by sharing his love of music and seeing what his son does with it. You can SEE it. That is one of the main ingredients kids require for adequate positive growth; LOVE. And as men we sometimes have issues with showing or expressing that feeling. I don’t believe you should keep that to yourself. You should share love with your children as much as possible. It make YOU better. It makes THEM better.

Dads are you with me? Oh yeah! We love our kids and we ain’t going NO WHERE! *bobs head*


– A Single Dad

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