Weekend February 27

Hello!!!! First let me apologize, it has been two weeks since my last activities post. I meant to send out a Valentines Day plan for dads and their daughters but well I was busy with my own daughters’ Valentines Day plans. The weekend after Valentines Day I was traveling which is still no excuse — wifi is global — to start down a slippery slope of inconsistency. One of the things fatherhood has taught me is that your power and authority lies in your consistency; doing what you said you would do. I love posting but being dedicated to it can get dicey when coupled with the other responsibilities in life. Still that’s no excuse. That being said here are some cool things I found to do this last weekend in February.

PS. I also missed a week off from school and some snow days in terms of posting things to do with your little ones. I hope folks didn’t go crazy…….

The International New York Children’s Film Festival – This festival runs well into the second week of March and usually has some great movies to check out. I have been attending for a number of years with my daughters. You can check out the line up here.

At the BMCC performing arts center there will be a performance of the “Very Hungry Caterpillar” and other stories by Eric Carle. Check out tickets here.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. The children’s museum of art has an all day celebration for the creator of Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who and Oh the places you will go! There are a ton of different activities and workshops all day long. You can check out what’s going on here.

The Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza  branch of the New York Public Library will be having a traditional African dance performance this Saturday from 1pm to 2pm. Check it out here.

There will be a ballet workshop for kids ages 5 to 8 at nyc ballet. The cost is only $12 per person. Right after you can check out the 2pm show. ALL BALANCHE III HEAR THE DANCE: ITALY.

The Chelsea Recreational Center is having a day to honor female athletes this Saturday. There will be workshops run by collegiate athletes; kayaking, swimming, volleyball and basketball are all on the agenda! You can check it out here.

check out TOP THIS at the skyscraper museum.

New York Sports Club is offering free classes from 12pm – 3pm for Kids. You just have to register. Check out which locations are offering the free event.

The Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra play each Sunday at the Blue Smoke. A cool way to listen to music and encourage musical acumen in your little one by seeing other children play!

Kids N Comedy – The Gotham Comedy Club hosts kid comedians each month (I attended last month and won a book). This month is themed around National Pig Day! It should be a good time and special way to spend an afternoon with your little one(s). Check it out.

Kids Food Festival –  is a weekend event focusing on educating families about making balanced food choices through fun and flavorful activities. In Bryant Park this weekend you can participate in a variety of different cooking classes that promote healthy eating habits. You can check out the tickets here.

And of course as always here is how I would plan a weekend……



Of course I’d start the day out with breakfast. If you can’t do pancakes and omelets then a simple bowl of cheerios would do.

ANCHOR – Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. I’d start the day out with one of the workshops at the children’s museum of art. Maybe make a 3D pop out Cat in the Hate. Various Time.


ANCHOR– After the Dr. Seuss workshop I would head over to Bryant Park for a cooking workshop. The workshop you pay for would determine how long stay at the children’s art museum. Approx. 1 hour

No tut events today. I think between the museum and the cooking workshop you should have enough activities to take you to 5 or 6pm. These anchor events are interchangeable.


I would start this day out with breakfast again and follow up with two main activities.

ANCHOR – Kid Comedy Show. Doors open at 12:15 and the show begins at 1? Since I have personal attended I can protest to this event being a great way to spend the afternoon with your little one.

ANCHOR – Kids Jazz Orchestra. After the kids show at the Gotham comedy club I’d head over to the blue smoke to eat and listen to some music. Great way to end off the day.

You should be at the 4/5 mark by this time. Dinner, a bedtime story and the walking dead. Sunday done. You’re welcome.

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