Week December 13


Happy Holidays.  As Christmas permeates in the air  holiday shopping and what to get your children on Christmas Day also loom in the atmosphere. Don’t fret as Christmas doesn’t have to be scary. It is a wonderful holiday that you should absolutely look forward to as time to spend with your kids. Think about making it special for them or as special as possible. This upcoming week is probably your children’s last real week of school before their holiday break. I’ll be posting things to do in the house and over the holidays with the little ones so that neither your or your child go crazy (but I can’t promise anything). So here are some activities that look cool to check out this weekend….

I found another website to search for things to do. Its called Goldstar and it is free to sign up.

Nets game – Yeah when major New York sports teams suck (which is more often then I would like) it means you can find pretty decent priced tickets for a game. There is a game this Tuesday that is decently priced so it might be something you want to check out. Check the new website above, living social or groupon to find decently priced tickets.

Cooper Hewitt Design Museum is reopening this weekend and they have a really cool 3D kids design workshop Sunday from 1:30 to 4.

Movies: Big Hero 6, Penguins of Madagascar and Hunger Games Mocking Jay are the only movies that might be kid appealing. Movies are always a staple activity for the weekend. Hunger games id suggest for your kid(s) if they are older than 10 or so.

Berenstain Bears live – This is a live show near Lincoln center. If your little one is 5-6 this would be a good event to take them to. Otherwise your kid might feel they are a bit “too old” for it. lol. Right in that area is the circus the Big Apple Metamorphosis Circus has tickets from $25.00 to about $60.00. That coupled with the Berenstain bears is a great afternoon.

The Sony Wonder Lab has two events going on Saturday the first is a workshop utilizing shadows and the second is a making your own Christmas decoration. These are both wonderful events because they are both FREE!!!! 🙂

And of course if I were planning a weekend this is how it would go…..



I would begin with breakfast. I’d wake the girls up at about 6:30/7am to make breakfast and get out of the house by 9am.

Tut – There is a free screening of a Lego Movie at the Scholastic Store in Soho, starting at 10. Good free tut event before the cruise.

AnchorSanta Lunch Cruise running time approx. 2.5hrs boarding starts at 11:30am and goes until 2pm. Again this is great event because it kills a good amount of time and provides lunch.

Tut- I’d look for something to kill about another 2 hours to help round out the day.Ice skating at the south street seaport is affordable and absolutely a great way to burn off lunch.

Those three events should kill the day. As an alternative you can replace the Santa Cruise with these two workshops at the Sony Wonder Lab at 11am and at 1pm. A free movie, two workshops, lunch and ice skating should give you enough momentum heading home that a bath and quick meal equals sleep.


No tut events today I listed a handful of anchors that you can mix and match to kill a Sunday afternoon.

Anchor – 3D workshop at Cooper Hewitt design museum at 2 East. 91st New York, NY. 1:30pm to 4pm. Approx. 2.5hrs

Brunch before the workshop should be about all you need. At 4pm a quick stop at the Lego/Nintendo store at Rockefeller Center should be about all you need to finish out the day.

Anchor – Metamorphosis Circus – approx. 2hrs. Starts at 4:30pm. This would be a good event to couple with the workshop.

Anchor –   Berenstain Bears Live – approx. 1hr Starts at 11am. The show is short and for the money might not be great as an anchor or even tut event.

So if you wanted…. you could go to the Berenstain bears then lunch then head to the workshop and finish the day at the circus. Just might be costly. I’d do the workshop and circus if I had to pick. But up to you.

Hope that helps you plan your weekend.

– A Single Dad

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