Week November 7

Baymax_RenderSo if you weren’t aware before or missed my special screening invitation last month, today is the opening weekend for Big Hero 6! Disney’s new animated feature about a kid inventor who builds a warrior (i.e. superhero) robot. The premise looks great but what I am really excited to see is if Disney can match the impact of Frozen, which to date is the highest grossing animated film of all time! As a fan of making things NOT HARD, the movies are one of my staple parenting events. With minimal planning you can kill a full afternoon with lunch and a TUT, even without a secondary activity the movies are always a great way to murder a few hours.

So here are some things I found to do this weekend.

Archery – Yup a bow and arrow. Now I know what you might be thinking “who does archery?”, the answer is YOU, and your little one for an afternoon. Don’t limit yourself or the things you expose your children to – TRY NEW THINGS. They might not like it but at least they will have an experience. This archery studio is located in Brooklyn and runs about $50 for an introductory lesson but there is a deal on living social that cuts that price down to around $20.

Painting class. This is a great way to get messy with the kids!! The children’s museum of art in Manhattan has workshops this weekend.

New York Light Festival, though later than I would normally suggest this event looks so cool I’d break my 8pm bedtime rule to take the kids!

Rock climbing. So again this may not be your “cup of tea” but it could be. You should absolutely try to make the effort to scale a wall even if your children laugh at you! Brooklyn Boulders has a deal going on.

And of course if I were going to plan a weekend…..



Anchor – I would make this event the Big Hero 6 movie picking a time around 11am to capitalize on matinee prices! 🙂  Running time 108 min + 20 min of previews = 2hrs

Lunch – It would now be about one something so I would pick something within walking distance or less than 10/15 minutes by mass transportation.  If you head to the movies in lower manhattan after lunch you could check this out.

Tut – Archery. I think this would be a great supplementary activity to do after going to the movies.

After archery it should be close to 5/6pm and time to head home but I suggest checking out the 1st annual New York Light Festival. It looks like a really cool event. I would take my little ones out for dinner close to either DUMBO or Lower Manhattan. After dinner I would then walk with them to check it out. This doesn’t have to take all night since the kids will probably we tired by now. I’d walk around and then cap the night by 8/9pm, I wouldn’t want to push past that time however because after that you will be carrying around the equivalent of a small dead body.


Anchor – My main event for today would be The Magic Flute, a new musical at the victory theatre (you can probably find a deal on groupon). It starts at 5pm so that means you have most of the day to yourself.

Tut – I would take my girls rock climbing in the morning at Brooklyn Boulders. Planning for a 1/2pm lunch time. I’d give rock climbing about 1.5/2 hours in order to not feel rushed.  We’d have lunch before heading to the New Victory Theatre. Since the show starts at 5pm its up to you on whether or not you’d like to head home to fix dinner but, be forewarned your kids will probably be tired by now. It’s been a long day and there is school in the morning so just use your judgment here and figure out what’s best.

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