Week October 24

October 24- 26

With a week away from Halloween there should be more than enough spooky and theme filled events to keep you and your little one occupied. Here are a few things I found that I think would be cool to check out this weekend:

Movies: Book of Life and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
These two movies are out and a great way to fill up 2 hours with your children. Haven’t seen Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day BUT can co-sign that the Book of Life is legit! There is also a free screening of the new movie Big Hero 6. You can check it out here.

Halloween events: One of my staple destinations is having a  Monster Mash! Today and tomorrow the Brooklyn’s Children Museum is having Halloween themed events from 4 to 8pm today and tomorrow. Sorry for the late post but planning activities for Friday after work with the kids was always tough for me. I tried to stick to Saturday mostly. I’m sure there will be some awesome Friday posts though but I’d do this on Saturday, especially since it goes until 8pm. If the kids museum is crowded check out the OTHER festival going on at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Do you sense the theme….? The New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx will also have events this Saturday that you can check out (sorry S.I. & Queens).

Halloween Harvest/Festivals:  Luna Park, Harlem, TriBeca, East Harlem, Queens, Dumbo

Pumkin Picking: Queens, Long Island

Puppet Master: At the Brooklyn Academy of Music you can invite your other single dad friends for a workshop on how to be a puppeteer. Cost is less than $10 but looks like the 12:30pm workshop is sold out! No fear there is a Sunday workshop on Marionettes looks like the 10am workshop is sold out this day, go figure!


So if I were going to plan a weekend….


Breakfast – I’d fix breakfast with my little ones….maybe omelets or pancakes.  My first event starts at 10 so I’d want to wake up at like 7/7:30 start breakfast and get the kids ready.

Anchor – Puppeteer workshop. This looks like the most fun and involved activity at that both me and my girls could participate in so I’d want to definitely check it out. Runtime 45min

After the puppet workshop it would be time for lunch. BAM is located right in Fort Greene Brooklyn and across the street from the Atlantic Center Mall with a bunch of different places.

Tuts – Hopefully the puppet workshop was great and the girls and I have something to talk about on our way to the city. Our next stop would be the Halloween events at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Since these types of events are really hit or miss if my kids didn’t like it or felt entertained I’d not stay too long and walk over to the event at the Children’s Museum.

Planned correctly you should be hovering around 3/4pm. Now since its not exactly time to head home (id cap that at about 6:30/7) we can squeeze another Tut in here…….I’d head over to the super hero supply store (yes it is exactly what it sounds like it is). You might not buy anything but the fact that you KNOW about a superhero supply store might really impress your kids. Extra points if you and your son/daughter both buy capes and fly home.

After this head home, fix dinner, bath time, maybe read a story then bed. Boom!


Anchor – There is a special pre-screening of the new Disney Movie Big Hero 6 at City Cinemas. Starts at 11am and probably runs at least 90mins. tix are $16

Anchor – Marionettes workshop at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Depending on what you choose you can do a few different Tut events.

Tut – Kids Dance Party in the city. CirKiz you can buy tickets here. I have actually been to this event and it is really cool, just make sure your kids are shy or timid and enjoy music! Cost is about $20 and goes from 1pm to 5pm (but who arrives to a party at the very beginning?)

Tut – Cooking class at the children’s museum of Manhattan. Not sure the price but probably free with admission to the museum.

Tough decisions huh? Well I think I’d go check out Big Hero 6 followed by heading over to this Halloween Party. I would end the day at the dance party and then head home. Follow the same routine as Saturday and your little one should be in a coma by 8. More than enough time for you to watch the Walking Dead in peace! You’re welcome.

– A Single Dad

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