Week of Oct 23

The Holiday season is upon us! Well when I say “us” i mean parents and when I say parents I really mean the tribe I personally belong to: single dads. Halloween is the start of a string of Holidays that usually provide the most meaning and memories for young children. It also provides some of the best activities in and around New York City to involve them in. I have gone through a few winters so I know when winter is coming what to expect (GOT plug). If you haven’t already done so please go out and grab a Halloween costume for your little girl or boy. You could wait until the last minute but chances are you will have to tell your son or daughter they will have to wear a gray t-shirt and be a boulder because you didn’t get to Party City in time.

Sidenote: If you have a little girl and she wants to dress up to be a ninja turtle let her. Its ok. If your son wants to be Elsa from Frozen be man enough to embrace that. You aren’t defining their entire sexual identity with one costume on one night of the year. You ARE creating wonderful opportunities for future embarrassment though when you take pictures of it though so enjoy that! Its a right you’ve earned as a parent.

Though not this weekend the American Museum of Natural History is having their annual Halloween Party inside the Museum. I was never big on trick or treating and this event is a nice alternative. Since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year it is a perfect alternative to heading out into the night. You can check it out and grab tickets here before they sell out next week. This afternoon at Prospect Park there is an annual haunted walk and fair. Kids can come with their costumes for a pre Halloween event in Brooklyn. Since the weather is starting to get chilly I would consider this suggestion with caution.

I am a big advocate for encouraging STEM skills in our young African American boys and girls. There is a great event to hack your Halloween! There are no coding or computer programming experience necessary. Since the weather is changing I would suggest activities that don’t deal with the elements too much; “inside” is key.

On the lower east side of Manhattan the first underground park has opened.  Not necessarily a kids interactive activity but something cool to check out none the less.  There is a Pixar exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Museum highlighting the Disney Pixar animation process. As a movie fan of many Pixar movies this seems like a cool exhibit to check out with the kids. There is another kid-friendly exhibit at the New York Historical Society called Superheroes in Gotham. Hold over from Comic Con last week  Superheroes in Gotham will tell the story of the birth of comic book superheroes in New York City. On Sunday a long standing kids dance party will be having one of their monthly parties.

And here are some cool Groupons I found for other activities this or any weekend:

Reduced admission to the Skyscraper Museum in Tribeca.  Voiceover Workshop (Ages 8–16) or an Animation Workshop (Ages 9–16) at Shine at Hothead Studios. Hidden Gems Archery (I highly recommend) and a screen printing workshop in Brooklyn.

And always here is how I would plan my weekend if I were you.


Hopefully you have had breakfast already and are ready to go.  I’d start the day out by going to check out the Lowline. It is a quick ride over the bridge to the space and a great area to find lunch!

Tut – The Low Line – Approx 45min

Lunch – Approx 1 hr

I would then take my daughters to a living social deal I found for 90 min.

Anchor – Kids Fencing – Approx 90min.

This would put me about about 4 or 5 o’clock. I would stop at a barnes and noble book store to pick up some reading for bedtime then head home.


After breakfast I’d go check out the Pixar exhibit have lunch then go see a movie (probably Goosebumps or Pan). Sorry for the lack of details but I realized a few of my posts needs to let you put it together yourselves….plus I’d like to hear what you decided to do.  Comment below or send me an email!