Week October 17

October 17-19

So there are a few things happening this weekend. Here are some things I saw that looked interesting…and of course a breakdown of how I might plan my Saturday and Sunday.

Movies are ALWAYS an easy activity to do on the weekends so whenever there is a release I plan for popcorn with my twins. This weekend there are two kid friendly movies to fill up some weekend activity slots.

the-book-of-lifeThe Book of Life produced by Guillermo del Toro seems like an imaginative fun story. The preview had a scene sampling a Biz Markie song, so I was sold.

AAlexandersBadDaylexander and The Terrible Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is also out. I forgot to put this on last week’s post but this Disney movie seems like a good family event. I’d invite grandma, uncle and other friends with kids and make an evening of. Looks like a decent time.



Book Store Visit – The Scholastic Store in Soho will be having a visitor….R.L.Stine!! Author of scary young adult fiction for well over 20 years he has 200+ book titles under his pen! As a book geek that ordered all the goosebump & fear street titles I could in both elementary and high school this would be a great opportunity to meet a someone who influenced my childhood . In the greater scheme of parenting it would also be a bridge to new experience for my own children to something that meant something to me when I was their age. We can ultimately have something in common.

Kid Fest – This is an event that happens in Madison Square Park every fall and spring. Usually a great free event with games and activities. Might not be ideal if your kids are older than 6, 7 might be pushing it as the activities might not appeal to their attention span.

Girls Youth BasketBall Clinic– The Central Park Conservatory has a special clinic just for girls to improve their basketball skills. It starts at 10am and goes until 11:30am. It is totally free as well.

Cirque AlFonse – The NYU center for performing arts has a unique spin on the traditional circus act! They have shows Saturday and Sunday at 1 & 2pm.

Cirque Alfonse’s wild ride of gravity-defying acrobatics uses sharp tools, folk music and more to cut a new path for contemporary circus.

Tickets are $40+ so it could get pricey but looks like an amazing show. The age range would be 8 and up.

Big Apple Circus – The traditional big top show is also in town at Lincoln Center with a show entitled “Metamorphosis”. There are shows at 12:30 and 4:30 both Saturday and Sunday. There are tickets as expensive as $150 and as low as $25, figure out your budget and plan accordingly.

Seems like a circus theme this weekend huh? The American Youth Circus Organization is also having a day long festival on Saturday with different workshops and activities that children (and adults) can participate in! The registration fee is $70 but there are activities all day long, which is ideal for any parent looking to kill a weekend. The festival is also in a location that offers classes every Saturday at 1pm for kids.

Salsa for kids – The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) is having an interactive Latin concert for parents and little ones. Tickets are only $9 and the show is about an hour.


For Saturday I would probably start my day with breakfast with my daughters. We’d make pancakes and omelets.

Tut: I would catch a matinee show of Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day . Usually watching a movie before noon cuts the ticket price in half.

Tut: Grab lunch at the Hester Street Fair in the city.

Tut: Visit the Scholastic Store to meet R.L. Stine and sit and read a copy of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day. I’d probably see if they each wanted a copy of an R.L. Stine book for themselves.

No Anchor event for this weekend for me. You can construct your Saturday differently but I thought those events were close enough together to create a nice day. Follow this with dinner and quiet reading time for the books we purchased earlier. Bedtime.

If I were going to plan Sunday I’d anchor it with a circus show…probably the cirque alfonse (but the circus at Lincoln Center works to).

Tut: Brunch at a local restaurant. French Toast and bacon is a favorite for me.

Anchor: Circus Show running time about 90min.

If you didn’t catch a movie Saturday you could try to after the circus. This is a knock out 1-2 punch for kids. They will definitely be tired by the time you head home.

Tut/Anchor:  The Book of Life Movie or Nets Game (you can use the discount code “nets”. Don’t tell anyone I told you)

I usually make Saturday my “heavy” activity day but this weekend Sunday is a bit more full….it happens. After the game bath time, dinner and bed. Done.

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