Week October 10


Below are some events I thought would be interesting to check out. Plus a weekend breakdown of how I would plan my Saturday and Sunday.


Lego – Lego is opening up a new store in the flatiron strict. This is perfect because its FREE!

The public are invited to help LEGO Master Builders construct a 20-foot tall LEGO model of the Statue of Liberty completely out of LEGO bricks in Madison Square Park.

Ghost Tour – I am absolutely doing this…like immediately!! Meets in the evening though and I have a hard and fast rule about having my kids out past a certain time. I would suggest an event like this for older kids. 11 or 12 year olds. Your 5 year old will just look at it as walking around past her bedtime.

illuminate – An amazing light show I would suggest for kids older than 7. Any younger they might get scared or be lost as to what is going on. Its expensive though. I’d look on Groupon or Living Social for a deal.

Arcade Breakfast – A part of comic con’s Super Week you can get breakfast at Dave and Busters in time square and play a few arcade games afterwards.

Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N – Immersive exhibit at New York Discovery Zone where you…eh hem…I mean your child goes through real live Super Hero Training.

“You’re literally standing in front of a nine-foot tall Hulk and he punches the wall, and the whole building shakes,”

I this exhibit is not super long though…probably 30-45 minutes? So not an Anchor event.


I reserve this day for church and brunch with my little ones but everyone may not have the same interests. Below are some things you can do before the week starts.

Super Hero Screenings – the paley media center in midtown (great place to waste an afternoon) is screening some superhero cartoons. The cost is not bad and you can tell your kids just how whack their version of Saturday morning cartoons currently is…

Open Art Studio – The Guggenheim Museum as a family studio you can visit from 1 to 4. Admission is $22 but kids under 12 are free.


Some Pre-planning: Big Hero 6 & The Moma


So…if I were going to plan a Saturday

Anchor: Illuminate Show (id look for a deal though as 3 tickets would be a little pricey) Show time 2:30 run time about 50mins

Tuts: Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N & Arcade Breakfast. 2.5 hours totally activity time.

I would wake the girls up at about 7pm. Get them washed and dress to be out the door about 8:15. We’d get a quick cup of hot choco so they have something in their tummies. We head to the breakfast. Play a few arcade games.

Then we’d WALK over to the Avengers Station. (Should be around noon or so now)

Afterwards we would have lunch. If you made lunch there is a nice little open area on 50th between 8th and 9th you can sit down to talk and eat.

Illuminate show. (show is very awesome).

At this time it would be about close to 4. You have enough time to squeeze one more tut activity but you might be pushing it. Kids might be tired by now. I’d say head home. Give everyone a bath THEN start dinner. Dinner should be something you all can do if possible. After dinner you all read or play a board game. A family movie on cable it also good but I would stay away from vegging out on TV. 8pm everyone should be sapped of all their kid strength. Boom. Dope!

My Sunday Anchors are usually church and brunch, but you could also do the Super hero screenings, followed by lunch and then a trip to the guggenheim for an art project. I’d probably swing by the Museum of Math then walk over to the new Lego Store to play. Followed by lunch then a trip back home….school in the morning!

– A Single Dad

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